Letizia and Queen Elizabeth II had one thing in common – pictures

Queen to be buried with 'humble jewellery' says Goodbody

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Queens typically have fabulous style, ranging from beautiful clothing to exquisite jewellery, and have access to some of the most stunning pieces in the world. However, despite this, they will often choose one piece and wear it all the time. The late Queen Elizabeth II and current Spanish Queen Letizia did this.

Queen Letizia, 50, has her style down to a T, from impeccable, trendy outfits to fabulous jewellery. The monarch never shies away when it comes to fashion, and is keen to experiment with bold, unique pieces when the occasion permits it.

Indeed, for her most recent appearance, the Spanish Queen opted for a black Pertegaz suit, including slim-fit trousers and a blazer adorned with feathers and rhinestones.

Time and time again, she is spotted in extraordinary outfits, but one thing seems to always remain constant: the ring on her finger.

The ring that Queen Letizia is practically never spotted without is her gold Signature Ring by designer Karen Hallam.

It is described on the official website as “the perfect gift for her, handmade jewellery, everyday jewellery”, with a nod towards Letizia and the fact that she has been pictured wearing it.

The Signature Ring has become almost synonymous with the Queen. It is as if it is now part of her royal uniform. Non-royals can get their hands on this Karen Hallam creation, as it is still available online in a variety of materials – and subsequently, prices.

A sterling silver ring would set you back €110 (around £96), while gold-plated silver is €135 (around £117).

The most expensive Karen Hallam Signature Ring will set customers back almost a grand. A 18k solid gold variation in the largest size is €1,100 (around £955).

The ring is a very unique shape, an off-centre, asymmetrical hollow oval. But it is simplistic enough that it can be worn with anything.

Queen Letizia isn’t the only Queen who favours one piece above all else. During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II was rarely spotted without her three-strand pearls.

It was the epitome of elegance and timelessness, and like Queen Letizia’s Signature Ring, it became something we associated with our Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II’s dad – King George VI – gifted his daughter with the beautiful necklace before his death in 1952.

A jewellery expert from Steven Stone jewellers previously spoke to Express.co.uk about the monarch’s favourite accessory, with him calling it “incredibly rare”.

He stated: “Queen Elizabeth has some of the most valuable jewels in the world, so it would be fair to assume that this three-strand pearl necklace and her earrings are made from natural pearls.

“Only a very small percentage of pearls used for jewellery are natural, with most of them being cultured.

“If these pieces are made up from natural pearls, they are going to be incredibly rare, not to mention valuable.”

With a single natural pearl costing around £3,000, the expert guessed that Elizabeth II’s three-strand necklace could be worth between £600,000 and £1million. This makes it up to 1,000 times more expensive than the priciest version of Letizia’s Signature Ring.

The late Queen typically paired her necklace with classic pearl earrings that hung just a tiny bit under her ears. Both pieces became part of HRH’s daily wardrobe.

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