Lady Gaga's Sunglasses Are So Trippy, Even Willy Wonka Couldn't Handle Them

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Breakfast at Tripanny’s

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Lady Gaga’s personal style can be defined as somewhat over the top, limit testing, and perhaps even dangerous. “Can she really walk in those platforms so confidently?” we’ve often wondered, for example. Even her avant-garde swimsuits don’t take a back seat to her clothes, so you can expect her accessories to fit the bill.

The star posted a trio of photos to Instagram, selfies of herself in a rainbow vintage Sant Angelo dress styled with Percy Lau sunglasses ($265) that appear to be split in half, possibly obstructing her view, at least from certain angles. Nevertheless, Lady Gaga doesn’t shy away from making a statement when she can, and if you, too, are interested in shocking passersby with your opticals, read on to shop Gaga’s exact design along with similar options.

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