Kylie Jenner Reveals Natural Lips As She Wears Minimal Makeup For Gorgeous ‘Vogue Australia’ Cover

Talk about goals! Kylie Jenner landed her first ‘Vogue’ cover, and looks absolutely fabulous on it. See her flaunt her natural lips for ‘Vogue Australia’ here.

Kylie Jenner started off being 21 with a bang! The almost-billionaire is the September Vogue Australia cover, and she looks fierce as hell. It appears that Kylie stuck to her word of removing her lip fillers, because she appears to have much smaller lips than her usually pillowy ones. Her lips are in no way thin, but noticeably toned down. And she looks fabulous. Scroll down to see her full Vogue Australia cover!

Kylie posted the image on Instagram and told her fans that it was once a “wild dream” of hers to be on the cover of Vogue. No more! Even cooler? Her feature story is a conversation with her sister, Kendall Jenner, 22. Kylie is positively beautiful; her waist looks so tiny in a fitted, black jacket over a pair of tiny, satin dolphin shorts. It’s so different from what Kylie usually wears, and along with her more natural beauty look, it’s fabulous. New year, new Kylie!

We’re really excited to see what she’s wearing in the inside spread of the magazine. Hopefully, it’s more outfits like this. We’re also eager to read her interview with Kendall and her “billion dollar questions,” as Vogue Australia cleverly puts it.

While she was dressed to the nines for her 21st birthday party. Kylie kept up her more subdued look for a special pic with daughter Stormi Webster. The beautiful pic showed Kylie in a plain, black dress with subtle makeup, clutching her baby girl to her chest. She called Stormi her “most special gift” and her “angel.” So sweet!

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