Kris Jenner 'sees being a bad grandma as an achievement' and is ‘growing old disgracefully,' expert says | The Sun

KRIS Jenner is failing her family in her vital role as a grandparent, a psychologist has claimed.

And she thinks the 64-year-old's fear of aging and of feeling "past it" will ultimately be her biggest downfall.

Momager Kris Jenner has shown how she has left out some of her grandkids on their special days in the past.

In January, she showed off luxury Christmas gifts she'd bought in a collage – but appeared to forget grandaughters Penelope, ten, and North, nine.

While in June, Kris admitted on a Martha Stewart Podcast that recalling all her grandkid's birthdays was tough.

"I'm lucky I know 11 grandchildren's names," she told the 80-year-old host at the time.

"But I do know my kids' names and their birthdays. Thank God, I'm not getting … who knows, in a couple of years, my memory is wild," Kris laughed.

In February 2022, Kris fell short again during a quiz on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when she failed to asked to list all her grandkids' names.

Her growing gaggle of grandkids, however, mustn't forget her request not to call her Grandma, since she doesn't like the sound of it.

On April 9, Kim threw a lavish Easter family extravaganza at her $12million seven-bedroom La Quinta mansion, but psychologist Jo Hemmings thinks Kris looks to have gone overboard.

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Kris has 1 2 grandkids and has been calleda bad grandma in the past, preferring being called 'Lovey' over 'Grandma'Credit: Instagram / Kris Jenner

In an exclusive interview, Jo told The U.S. Sun:  “Kris doesn’t seem to be actively rectifying this behavior in any way.

"Though she seems to have gone over the top with her Easter gifts; she remembered all her grandkids this time around.

“The issue is she’s intent on growing old disgracefully for as long as she can get away with it.

"To Kris, styling herself and behaving like a woman nudging 70 is definitely off the menu.

“Being in the public eye and active on social media amplifies the fear of aging.

“With ever younger influencers on the scene, her daughters will undoubtedly be feeling the pressure, let alone Kris herself.

“In the past, while Kris says she knows all her children’s names and birthdays (six of them) she claims she doesn’t remember all the names.

"This is let alone the birthdays of her 12 grandchildren.

“While she has been called out on being a ‘bad grandma’ for this, she sees this as an achievement.

“Dismissing her knowledge of their details is a form of denial of being a grandma at all.

“Again, seemingly ‘forgetting’ North and Penelope when she swooped in on mass gifts for her other four granddaughters.

"This is indicative of not being quite able to accept the reality of a large and growing brood of grandchildren.

“This uneven gift-giving seems to be commonplace with Kris, again showing that denial of just how many grandkids she has.

“I imagine that each new grandchild is a painful reminder of her advancing years.

"She may be subconsciously indulging some more than others to compensate for this."

All of Kris’ children, apart from Kendall, have their own kids with their respective and former partners.

The eldest sibling, Kourtney, is mom to sons, Mason, 12, Reign, seven, and a daughter Penelope, nine, with her ex Scott Disick, 38.

Kim also has four kids: North, nine; Saint, six; Chicago, four; and Psalm, three, with her ex Kanye West, 45.

Khloe and Rob are each a parent from previous relationships: Khloe shares True, four, with her ex-Tristan Thompson, 31, and their baby boy, while Rob is a father to Dream, six, with his ex Blac Chyna.

And the youngest Kylie has two children: a daughter, Stormi, four, and a five-month-old son with rapper Travis Scott, 31.

Despite Kris' forever widening circle of grandkids, in a 2013 interview with People she told how she doesn't like them calling her Grandma.

"They call me Lovey,"Kris said at the time, before adding: "At first, I was Grandma, and all of a sudden, I didn't like the way that sounded.

"My mom had a friend called Lovey and I thought that was the cutest name."

“Kris has admitted she wants to be called Lovey rather than Grandma," says Jo.

“It’s revealing as a name, detaching herself from the role of a grandma.

“If we look at the word ‘Grandma.' It comes from the French, Grandame so means ‘old lady.’

“While some women can’t wait to be called Grandma, others feel like it has catapulted them, unwillingly, into a name and a role that makes them feel elderly.

"It makes them feel past it.

“Kris is 67, a pretty typical grandma age, but she still clearly feels too young in her head and lifestyle to fully embrace that.

“She would prefer some other name that doesn’t infer the aging process on her.

“Mary-Jo, MJ, is Kris’s mother, and she is a sprightly 88 years old.

“She’s on Insta, not afraid of embracing her role as an influence in her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids' lives.

“Kris clearly adores her given the warm messages that we can see between them.

“But the fact that her mother is still alive will make Kris feel younger – and a generation away – from accepting the traditional grandma role.

“In her head, she is still a daughter, with a vibrant mom, who is happy to have kids.

"She can’t quite accept that she is now actually a grandmother of 12, with all the traditional implications that bring.”

Despite her controversial grandma style, Kris's professional successes are more obvious.

When it comes to moneyspinning business ventures, she has been behind her family's huge wealth and stardom.

The Californian native and former air steward helped transform the Kardashians’ fame into a billion-dollar dollar empire.

This came after Kris learned the ropes working for her mom in her local clothing store.

After marrying and then managing Caitlyn Jenner's career, Kris developed the Kardashian reality TV concept.

Through the years, she was also behind the launch of multiple brands under her family's name.

These have included Skims, Kylie Cosmetics, Poosh, and 818 Tequila.

After two divorces, Kris has also managed to find time for love.

“Kris has been dating 42-year-old Corey since 2015," adds Jo.

"Interestingly despite moving forward so quickly and successfully in her professional life, she seems to have declared that she has no intention of marrying him.

“Marrying Corey might put pressure on their relationship and somehow make him more obliged to stay with her.

“By not tying the knot with Corey, Kris will always feel that he is with her out of choice and not because she has a wedding ring on her finger.

“Again, this perpetuates her need to fend off aging.

"Essentially, they are simply dating, which feels a whole lot more youthful than getting wed.

“However, she needs to recognize that being a grandma and embracing this role is not actually a threat to her concept of youth.

“She can still date the younger guy, dress like a stylish mom, and live whatever lifestyle she chooses.

“She can do this while feeling proud and energized by her growing brood of grandchildren.

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“Being called a grandma and cherishing all her 12 grandkids isn't at odds with any of this.

“In one of those rare moments of life, Kris could actually have it all.”

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