Kourtney Kardashian’s hairdresser reveals the products the Klan swear by (and the secret styling tip ALL celebs use)

The Dublin-born hair guru, who's a brand ambassador for Beauty Works extensions, has styled everyone from models Bella Hadid, Joan Smalls and Ashley Graham, to Hollywood icons like Susan Sarandon in the past.

Currently based in LA, the 31-year-old is also a firm member of the Kardashian inner klan – you may recognise his tell-tale rose arm tattoo from their various social media accounts.

The family are known for their glossy hairstyles, and Andrew has revealed he swears by Alterna's £14.95 Dry Oil Mist to get the look.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Online, he said: "I use that as a top coat and that gives a super, super high gloss shine."

Andrew is Kourtney's personal hairdresser, being on-hand most days to do her locks, and has also styled Kim, Kris, Kylie, Kendall and Khloe for TV and photoshoots.

He revealed: "I started my career in Paris in fashion then I moved to New York to try and break into the celebrity world.

"I started working with a lot of big names and models, Kendall being one of them, and I think word just spread and when I moved to LA it was a natural progression.

"Luckily (the Kardashians) are really influential in the beauty industry, so when you work with one girl everybody sees and word spreads quickly.

"I only really work with people I enjoy being around because I have to be around them every single day.

"So if I’m keeping a client long-term it’s because I like working with them."

Andrew's top tip is to invest in a good set of hair extensions, which he recommends for everything from a Kim or Kylie-inspired blunt bob to voluminous Hollywood curls.

He said: "For an instant ‘wow’ impact I always like to add extensions.

"Most of the time we use extensions just to make sure the baseline of the bob is really razor sharp and thick, a couple of tapes really low down, then a great straightener.

"Everybody wears extensions on the red carpet, and the great thing is nowadays it’s less of a taboo."

Beauty Works extensions, which are loved by the likes of Towie's Jess Wright and Georgia Kousoulou, come in a huge range of colours – as well as balayage, rooted and highlighted colour dimensions.

Andrew said: "I always have them in my kit because wherever I show up, whether it be a red carpet or magazine cover photoshoot, I know I’ll be able to match up the extensions with my clients no problem.

"I have two full clothing racks full of hair extensions on hangers.

"I show up and people think I’m the stylist because I’m bringing in so many racks, but I have pretty much every shade that they have – so I always know there’s a shade for a client. "

Andrew's go-to products

  • Alterna Dry Oil Mist, £14.95, All Beauty – buy now
  • Texturising spray for 'sexy, tousled Victoria's Secret hair'
  • Beauty Works heat protection spray, £11.99, Look Fantastic – buy now
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Beauty Works Professional Styler curling wand, £69.99, Look Fantastic – buy now

Among Andrew's most loyal clients is plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham.

He told us: "I’ve been working with Ashley for years, and she’s one of my favourite people in the world.

"She’s so much fun, so beautiful so whenever we shoot something the results are really amazing.

"Last year I did her for her first Met Gala so she’s always fun to work with, and she is a supermodel so everything looks great on her.

"Every day is a little bit crazy, with the amount of clients I have it can be really hard to manage everybody and schedule everything.

But I like to be as busy as I can, so it’s kind of like organised chaos."

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Andrew Fitzsimons is the global ambassador for Beauty Works.

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