Kerry King reveals what the Universe has in store for you this week… according to Tarot

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years – starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Aries – Help out an old friend

Someone needs your help and support. The Six of Coins and Strength combine to say there’s a big opportunity to be generous with your time, resources and energy this week.

Six of Cups hints that the deserving recipient is a person from your past, an old friend or even family member.

Someone you were once very close to but have perhaps drifted away from. Reach out, because they need you right now.

There’s nothing shady or risky about this reconnection, and it will bring as much reward for you, in its own way, as for them.

Generosity is the act of releasing our energy to the world, so that it can transform into something else and return to us.

Some people call this karma. I call it a nice way to go on.

Make it your business, this week, to look for ways to help or just be there for those you once (still do?) loved a great deal.

Taurus – You’re in the right- hold tight

You’re feeling a little cautious and guarded at the moment- the Four of Coins is a classic ‘hunker down and batten the hatches’ card.

And, sometimes, that’s no bad thing.

We need to patrol our defences when there are stormy skies outside.

Three of Swords hints that you’ve been involved in a tussle or are the object of someone else’s jealousy or spite.

That sounds a bit YIKES, but please be reassured that your current strategy of SHUT DOWN is working. Less is more here.

Wait, be patients and it will blow over. Justice sweeps in to predict that all will turn out just peachy- for you anyway.

You don’t need to do anything other than look after your side of the street- the Universe will take care of the rest so don’t get embroiled, involved or enraged by any shenanigans you spot kicking off. You’re in the right, you’ll be fine, keep calm and carry on!

Gemini – It’s time to make your mind up

A variety of options and choices is not ordinarily a bad problem for a Gemini to face, as you enjoy hedging your bets, having back doors and side routes to tweedle down.

But, right now, you’re in danger of procrastinating away a golden opportunity.

Two of Wands and The Lovers are both cards of choice, and those tricky ones where we hesitate because perhaps it’s a head vs a heart decision, or a conflicted area of your life.

Gemini, there are NO wrong answers… other than not coming up with an answer at all.

So, pick and commit and move on.
Once you do, the offers, invites and opportunities to progress will fly in thick and fast.

There’s likely an element of travel, or communicating with people overseas, attached to all this. Spread your wings and fly!

The world is smaller than you think, and you can go further than you currently believe.

Sky’s the limit, so don’t clip your own wings.

Cancer – A new love interest sails into view

Death is a potent major arcana tarot card (i.e. a message from the Universe…) and its theme is change.

It crops up when change is inevitable and the Universe is going to conspire to turn events in a new direction, kinda whether we like it or not (so, the trick is to decide to like it, and enjoy the ride!).

King of Coins and Knight of Cups combine to hint that this is connected to your love life.

If you’re single then a new object of affection will catch your eye this week- someone in tune with you, likely also to be a Water sign (Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio) and who seems funny, fun and frisky.

If you’re already attached, well, that might not rule out the former opportunity BUT it may also mean that your current relationship is going to enter a more fun and entertaining phase.

If things have felt strained, heavy, intense or all about the material/financial side of your union, then that fog is going to lift.

We need to ‘play’ with our partners, to remember why we get on and enjoy the physical world for what it is.

All work and no play…  Look for opportunities to go on outings, trips and socialise. Romantic times are ahead for you. Have fun!

Leo – Be different to get different.

You’re feeling a little trapped, like you’re going over and over the same old ground in your mind.

And the theme of it is: should I stay or should I go?

Eight of Cups is the tarot’s ‘moving on’ card, which crops up when we’re yearning to head in a different direction.

Eight of Swords, however, suggests that this is not as easy as it looks because, mentally, you’re not entirely ready.

You’ve built a little mental prison for yourself, where all roads lead you back to where you are now- even though you’re not entirely happy. This week, make a deliberate, and even forced, effort to BE DIFFERENT.

You need to consciously sidestep your default patterns and paths of least resistance. King of Cups hints that things can be improved and emotions soothed once more, but it will require a strong move on your part to think and behave differently to your usual norm here. Make that sidestep. See how you feel with the results. Don’t be scared to move on.

Virgo – Smile at your competitors- you’ve got them beat

Seven of Wands crops up when we’ve got competition on our hands, in some way or another.

Perhaps an actual rival in love or work, perhaps something which is competing for our energy and efforts, perhaps conflicting opinions or ideas amongst those close to us.

Virgo, I know you KNOW you’re ALWAYS right, so don’t sweat this.

You’ve thought it all through and Ace of Coins reassures me that what you desire to happen WILL happen.

So, you know what… chill.
Page of Cups is a lovely smiley good-natured and laid back kinda person – be the Page of Cups this week.

Don’t crow or badger or pedant your way through this (you KNOW what I’m talking about), because this won’t make matters move any further any faster.

Be sweet, kind and happy.

Socialise, relax, do your fave things.

Life is working this little knot out itself, it doesn’t need your help.

Let things unfold naturally and you’ll have the news you wanted by next Sunday.

Libra – Invest in something worthwhile

The powerful major arcana card, The Star, comes to bring you wish-come-true blessings this week, it’s always a pleasure to see this card and hints that there is energy around to realise a dream.

Queen of Cups reinforces a feel-good week ahead, so gather your enthusiasm and optimism and make something happen.

It’s something you feel inspired about and puts a smile on your face.

Page of Coins supports that it is an investment of some kind – perhaps financial or material, but also possibly an investment in YOU.

A new healthy regime, wellbeing ritual, spiritual course, educational training, lifestyle improvement, beauty treat… whatever it is, it has the potential to really lift your spirits and pay back dividends over time.

Think carefully (not that I need to tell a Libra that!) because the higher you aim, the better the outcome.

Don’t squander this positive energy on something short term or silly; make an investment that a Future You will thank you for.

Scorpio – Decide to make more me-time happen

Ten of Wands. Uh oh.

You’re feeling overwhelmed and like life is making too many demands of you right now.

A busy Scorpio is usually a happy Scorpio, but not when you feel people or situations are taking the p***, and this is the dead end you’ve now reached.

This isn’t really new news either, it has been building up for a while now.

The Two of Swords hints that you’ve long seen this coming but have avoided dealing with it because you don’t really know where to start, or how to trim your commitments down. The Knight of Cups has simple advice: focus on what feels good. What duties and commitments can you ALONE provide and fulfil? And what do you most enjoy?

The rest of it can be delegated, ditched or delayed, you know.

The Universe will carry on spinning and working without your input into these bits and bobs.

You’re overdue a little lifestyle spring clean and you deserve to make room for some quality me-time.

Sagittarius – Be the one to compromise

There’s a family situation which needs your attention this week, and it represents an area where you often feel at odds, or rebellious, with those you love.

We all have fault lines and cracks in our family dynamics where we don’t agree or pull together on something. And, this week, you need to compromise.
The Eight of Swords highlights mental prisons and repeat patterns of behaviour that keep us in a stasis.

The projection of internal anxieties out into the world as external barriers which justify our behaviour. In short- you’ve been a bit of a bit of a dick. And it’s not the first time. The Hierophant and The Empress represent family structures and hierarchies and signify that this is where this mental prison is holding you back.

The key to get out of it is to focus on the love and respect you have for your kin, and to acknowledge that, even if they’re wrong, what’s right about keeping this tension alive?

Back down, play nice, compromise, see it their way. You’ll feel a weight lift, I promise.

Capricorn – It’s ‘random acts of kindness’ week

Soppy is not a word that many would associate with Capricorns initially, but you DO have a big, beating heart that swells with joy when you receive gratitude or compliments which are sincerely meant.

It’s time to feed that side of your nature this week by utilising the energy of the Six of Coins- generosity.

When we release our energy into the world, as kindness, it reaches its targets and transforms into something else, returning to us in a different guise – some call this karma.

Build your good karma points this week by doing, and saying, good things for those you love and like.

The High Priestess advises you to follow your intuition and instincts here- who needs your help or support or even just a bit of time? Who is on your mind? Temperance is your reward for this behaviour – a new, glowing feeling of balance and harmony with the world.

A clear sense of your place in your Universe, and a reassurance of how valued and needed you are.


Aquarius – Shut down any shade around you

The Seven of Swords can be a warning card, advising caution and prudence when dealing with others.

Don’t overshare or put your faith in someone having your back (you KNOW who I’m talking about).

It’s likely a man. And one who you have strong, deep feelings for… but there’s some shadiness here.

King of Cups represents a person who can manipulate you at times, he knows how to push your buttons and has some kind of hold over you.

What I can tell you is that this scenario is drawing to its natural conclusion.

Ten of Swords represents ‘done!’ and appears when we’re in a situation where the energy is negative, fading or false.

It nudges us to be the one to move on and cut ties.

Maybe this won’t be forever, maybe this is the turning point in the dynamics of this relationship.

But don’t resist change or even departures because the Universe has spotted what’s going on and wants you to hop-skip out of it.

Pisces – Werk, werk, werk

Wands = work and this week it’s all Wands cards, so that’s a clue as to your main priority!

We have a mini saga unfolding, an epic adventure all in the space of seven days, so buckle up.

The Ace indicates there is a new start emerging- perhaps a new role, perhaps more responsibility, perhaps a fresh mindset or injection of group energy.

That’s good. But then the Five sweeps in and suggests there’ll be a bit of a blow-up at some point.

Some tussling and ‘storming’ with colleagues which you’ll, unusually, get right in the midst of (and come through smiling, fear not).

And the Ten indicates you’ll be grafting hard to get through it and, in this process, perhaps spot the things that need to change, or stop happening altogether, in your werk world!

You can’t just keep taking on more and more, in order to develop you need new challenges, but also either more support or fewer tasks.

You can only do a shift’s work in a shift. Make sure they hear that, loud and clear!

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at

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