Kendall Jenner & North West Accidentally Bought The Same Top

There are five sisters in the Kardashian-Jenner family, so chances are high that they dig through each other’s closets and steal items when the other isn’t looking. And that includes the nieces, too. Kendall Jenner wore North West’s shirt — or so the internet thinks.

Both aunt and niece own the same spaghetti strap Prada top, and at first glance it looks like Jenner nabbed it out of West’s closet. The top in question is a coral camisole with pink feathers across the chest. West was first spotted wearing the piece at her dad’s, Kanye West’s, Sunday Service. The five-year-old styled her Prada tank with denim shorts, a top knot, and iridescent Doc Marten boots. Luckily for us, Kim Kardashian always records moments from these services, so she captured North wearing her Prada outfit. And if you look closely, Penelope Disick is also wearing the same top.

Jenner was spotted wearing the same top a few days later, to Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday festivities on April 19. She and Kardashian spent the afternoon shopping and riding bikes at Venice Beach. Jenner paired the Prada tank with high waist jeans and dad sneakers, styling the shirt a little differently than her niece. She topped off the look with thin sunglasses, giving it a retro but laid-back look.

So now the question is if Jenner raided her niece’s closet for the pink plumed top. People got to the bottom of it and Jenner confirmed that she has her own tank top, but both she and West do own the same piece.

“Oh my god, it’s hysterical. North and Penelope I think got it before me at the outlets on the way to Palm Springs a while ago,” Jenner told People. “I went a couple weeks later to the outlets and bought the same thing not knowing she got it. We had no idea that each of us bought the shirt.”

It’s adorable to think that both Jenner and her two nieces have the same style and reached for the exact same shirt when out shopping, albeit during separate occasions.

Part of the reason people thought that Jenner got the tank directly from West was because it was a crop top on the model. But Jenner explained to People that she got her shirt tailored to be shorter. "“I got mine tailored a bit so it does look like I’m wearing her miniature shirt,” Jenner said.

The model also predicted that people would spot the shirts and assume clothes were being swapped in the family. “I saw her wearing it and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I have that shirt.’ I predicted all this, like it’s literally going to freak people out that I am wearing that shirt,” Jenner told People. “I ended up wearing it really thinking I’m a crazy person. Honestly, I should have lied and said it was North’s shirt because that would be hysterical!”

When you have a five-year-old niece as fashion forward as West, no one would have faulted Jenner for borrowing an item or two.

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