Is JLo Resurrecting Iconic Versace Grammy Dress For Cardi B & DJ Khaled Video? See Sneak Peek

Is JLo bringing back one of her most famous looks? DJ Khaled posted a sneak peek at his new music video, and JLo was wearing something sexy and green. See for yourself!

Hmm…this outfit looks awfully familiar! DJ Khaled was doing his thing on the set of his  music video for his new song with Cardi B, “Quiero Dinero”, showing his fans what’s going down on Snapchat. Khaled was so excited to have Jennifer Lopez, 48, on set that the only thing he could say was “It’s JLo! Oh my god, look. It’s JLo!” We know how you feel, dude. The footage is blurry, but is that a low cut, emerald green dress we spy?

Travel back in time 18 years to the year 2000. While JLo hasn’t aged a damn day in 18 years, what’s considered fashionable has definitely changed. The singer was dating Diddy at the time, and rolled up to the Grammys with him in what would become one of the most iconic awards show dresses of all time. Her Versace number was sheer and green, printed with banana leaves and palm fronds. It was cut all the way down to below her navel and held together with a brooch. It barely covered her breasts, and not much else! Underneath, she was only wearing a pair of blue boyshorts. The dangerous dress will never be forgotten.

Now look at Khaled’s video. Is this an updated version of the famous frock? There’s no full body shot, but you can see that JLo’s wearing something that shows a lot of skin, is bright green, and has long sleeves. Her hair is pretty similar to the 2000 Grammys, too — a flirty half up/half down style. We can’t wait to see this video and find out what she’s actually wearing!

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