I’ve started to cap my dates at 10 minutes – it saves time and money and it stops me over thinking

ANY singleton will know that serial dating can be seriously exhausting.

But one woman, who is from the Australia, was so tired of wasting her time on people she'd never see again, she came up with the perfect solution.

Emily Vernem shared her story to Mamamia’s The Lonely Girls Guide and revealed how "emotionally draining" she finds going on dates – no matter how successful they are.

So instead, she experimented with the idea of "pre-date screening."

Instead of returning home "exhausted," she explained how the concept involves briefly meeting up with someone for no longer than 30 minutes – just enough time to see if you "vibe" with them.

Emily went on to say how she messaged the guys she'd planned a date with and told them she was in their area that afternoon, so wondered if they'd be free for a quick coffee.


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Speaking of the first date, Emily recalled: "We met at a cafe and immediately clicked. The conversation was effortless, and I was very attracted to him."

As planned, she left before 20 minutes – despite admitting she wanted to stay for longer – and was left even more excited about the actual date.


But it wasn't just her it benefited – it helped her date out, too – albeit not in the way she'd hoped.

"He messaged me that evening and said that he had a great time meeting me but didn’t think we were compatible," she said.

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But, at leats she hadn't wasted any more time on him.

Emily then messaged the second guy and again, they agreed to meet in a cafe.

"We met up, and I hated him. Not just 'didn’t get along with him,' I hated this man’s guts," she said.

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"…Thankfully, the benefits of the pre-date screening kicked in (for me). After 10 minutes of being talked and mansplained to, I told him, "Sorry I have some more errands to run." (The errands being me needing to get away from him)."

While the dates didn't work out, Emily explained how pre-date screening had been a success because she hadn't spent hours with people she'd never see again.

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