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RECORD heat across much of the United States and Europe have given people lots of reasons to find ways to cool off.

Staying cool, while looking stylish is always a priority for a lot of women, and one TikTok enthusiast shared three tips on how big busted ladies can look stylish in bikinis without feeling uncomfortable.

Allison Kimmey has nearly 245,000 followers on her TikTok account and shared her hacks for supporting your chest and protecting your neck in a series of posts.

The self-professed plus-size bikini enthusiast posed in a triangle-top bikini herself while sharing the following tips.

1. Over the shoulder

Instead of tying the top strap behind her neck in the traditional way – she got creative.

She tied each of the two parts of the neck strap to the corresponding side of the back strap, creating a square like back tie, distributing the weight from her chest more equally across her back.

She said it was: "super simple, puts the weight on the shoulders instead of the neck."

2. Criss-cross

In this method Allison took the two neck straps and criss-crossed them behind her back, and then tied them to the main back strap.

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The result is a symmetrical cross back look that provides much more support to your chest, while taking the pressure off your neck.

3. Twist

The enthusiast said this last method was "by far her favorite", and her followers seemed to agree – she got more than 480,000 likes.

The hack was a little more complicated.

She first flipped the bikini upside down, using the neck straps to tie around her back instead.

Next, she took the other two strings and started twisting them then put them over her head, and then tied the twisted portion to the back tie.

Though, the last version required some extra agility, the result offered a cute, sporty look.

The home expert received more than half a million likes for all three varieties and more than 3,000 views – with the majority loving the last look.

One comment regarding look 3 read: "You look amazing in that! I've never felt comfortable in a triangle top but I might try again like this."

Another said: about the same hack: "That looks so good! I’ve seen the upside down trend so much on skinny girls but I love this version for us plus queens!"

The other looks got some love too.

"Yessss we have the same body type and mine always KILL my neck !!!!" one poster chimed in.

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And another said what many may have been thinking. "One of those, duh why didn’t I think of that moments! Such a great idea!"

Allison responded to one post saying her useful hacks are "gonna change your life."

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