It’s time for mum Heidi Klum, 47 to put her bum away – it's her 16-year-old daughter's turn to shine

OOPS, bad timing! 

No sooner has 16-year-old up-and-coming model Leni Klum posted stunning shots of herself from a shoot by world-famous photographer Rankin, than her 47-year-old mum has pictured herself – with her bum on show in a loo roll dress.

Coincidence? Possibly

But who wouldn’t feel a tinge of sympathy for Leni – and not just because adolescent girls find their mums embarrassing at the best of times, let alone when they are flashing their bottoms to 7.8 million Instagram followers.

There’s also the unspoken awkwardness of knowing that just as Leni is launching her career, her model mum, who took these impromptu pics during a Vogue shoot,  seems to have no intention of going anywhere.

If they say every Instagram image has a hidden message, even with Heidi's cheeky grin, this one must surely scream: “I may be 47 but my bum is still as taut as my face."

So rather than hand over the baton to her daughter, it seems that Heidi is determined to keep a firm grip on it.

Of course, it can be hard for any woman to see her daughter’s beauty eclipse her own.

If you've based your career on your looks, then that's even difficult because the comparison between you and your daughter is on public display.

It’s something that 54 –year-old supermodel Cindy Crawford has admitted she has found hard as she has watched the rise of her lookalike daughter, Kaia, now 19, to the top of the fashion industry.

"I wish I could say it was easy for me to be getting old," she has  confessed.

"I always tease my daughter- who, everyone agrees, is a mini-me – and say: 'You have my old hair – I want it back!' or: 'You have my old legs – I want them back!'

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But then, Heidi is just one of many celebrity parents coaching their children to follow them on the catwalk.

Last week, Kate Moss, 47, and her daughter Lila, 18, appeared in the same Paris catwalk show.

Psychotherapist Philip Hodson says having a beautiful mini-me can be a bittersweet blessing, bringing up complex feelings for any mother.

“You are looking into a time travellers’ mirror because you are seeing something you no longer have.

“There can be bitterness because it raises issues of invisibility and losing your status and power.”

But for famous women that can be even more challenging, adds Phillip.

“If you’re in the vanity industry to start then it can be particularly difficult, as the comparison between you and your daughter is all on public show.”

And if the competition goes too far, it can damage the daughter-mother bond, according to  therapist Dr Karyl McBride, who specialises in these relationships.

Karyl, author of the book; “Will I even be good enough?' says while we all might think it's flattering for others to be jealous or our looks, “in reality being envied, particularly by one’s own mother, is unnerving and awful.

“As the daughter analyses what her mother appears jealous about, she comes to feel unworthy. 

“It makes no sense to the daughter that her own mother would have these bad feelings about her.

“The daughter tries her best to make sense of the situation and decides that something must be wrong with her.”

You are looking into a time travellers’ mirror because you are seeing something you no longer have

Then there’s the question of how far celebrity mums are prepared to go to stay in the limelight – and how this makes teenage daughters feel.

As author of  ‘What’s my Teenager Thinking?', I know that teens are so acutely self-conscious at this stage of their lives  because they have an ‘imaginary audience’ in their minds watching every move, even when there’s no one watch.

Because they have not yet completely broken away yet from the tribe of their family to form their own identities, they feel that whatever their parents do rubs off on them too – and they will also be judged harshly on it.

So while being the child of a celebrity mum has its compensations, having their parents flashing their bum like Heidi, or posing naked in the garden as Gynweth Paltrow did last year on Instagram feed where it will be viewed by millions is definitely the downside.

We can only wonder what Lourdes Leon, now 24,  thinks when confronted with the latest pictures of her 62-year-old mother Madonna in the bath – or how 18-year-old Damian Hurley reacts when his 55-year-old Liz mum inexplicably gets her baps out on the coldest days of the year, as she did last week.

Of course, perhaps Heidi's bum picture is more understandable given she is from a generation of women who have fought tooth and nail to make sure they never look a day over 35.

And with girls looking grown up younger, it’s no wonder they start to meet their daughters in the middle.

Also why shouldn't a woman who has looked after herself bow out just because she’s reached a certain age?

But though older women can be just as  beautiful as they ever were,  don't we also hope that with age comes maturity  and wisdom?

But at 47, what lesson is Heidi teaching her daughter by parcelling off bits of her body with peek-a-boo poses to get more like on social media?

Instead, in the longer- term, it may help to remember that even celebrities who have all the time and the money in the world can’t stay looking as young as they used to be indefinitely – and it’s always better to look good for the age you are rather than the age you once were.

Indeed, perhaps Heidi thought better of posting that picture of her bottom after all, because it’s no longer on her feed.

Maybe she realised that if you compete with your daughter in the same industry, – as well as social media popularity, ultimately there are no winners.

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