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NORMAL grass yards require consistent mowing, watering, and oftentimes fertilizing and weeding.

With all of that work in mind, one couple decided to have a different, lazier approach to their yard.

First-time homebuyers, Angelina and Skyler, who post videos of their renovation projects on their TikTok page, opted for a clover yard rather than grass.

In a video, Angelina explained that once all of the grass died in their yard, they decided to use mini clover and white dutch clover seed for the regrowth.

After laying down a layer of fresh topsoil, the clovers started to grow very quickly and only needed an extra layer of seed to fill in patchier areas.

Angelina and Skyler planted their clover yard in November 2021 and have recently posted an update on its condition in a subsequent video.

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The clovers are still lush and green even though the couple has had several parties in their yard and has two small dogs that use the yard daily.

Additionally, Angelina said the clovers were "thriving" in the summer when it's been over 100 degrees every day where she lives.

They also haven't had to mow their clover yard in a while and revealed how tall a grass lawn would have been.

The few pieces of grass that managed to grow in the clover yard grew almost a foot tall thanks to the lack of mowing.

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While Angelina and Skyler seem to love their special lawn, others had some issues with it in the comments section.

One pointed out: "Unfortunately that’s not grass it’s nutsedge – extremely prolific and impossible to get rid of.

"It will take over huge areas if it’s not controlled."

Another wrote: "All I can think about is spiders."

Someone else added: "How do you not get freaked out about potential bugs/reptiles?"

"I would be so scared to step on a bee," a fourth comment read.

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