I'm plus size & proud – trolls say I'm too fat and not pretty but I don't care, I love wearing clothes for skinny people | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE WOMAN has hit back at cruel trolls who tell her she's "too fat" and "not pretty" enough to wear figure-hugging clothing.

Mum-of-one Nicole McCurry, who is from Scotland, took to TikTok and posted a video where she can be seen with her blonde hair scruffily piled on top of her head while still wearing her pyjamas.

Sharing the mean comment she's received, the influencer wrote: "Trolls – you're not very pretty and you're too fat."

In response, she quipped: "I'm so glad we had this at talk."

Seconds later, Nicole can be seen sticking her middle finger up to the haters as she models a figure-hugging low-cut pink velvet dress from Shein – complete with glam makeup and hair.

"F*** you, f*** you very much," she joked, miming along to the song lyrics in the background.


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Nicole often uses her social media platform to share some of the unnecessary remarks she's received due to her body shape.

In a previous video, she penned: "We're told that fat people should cover up (and) not wear anything tight."

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In the clip, Nicole hit back: "Not playing by the rules of society."

In another video, she revealed trolls have said: "Stop wearing these clothes, you're promoting bad health."

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They also tell Nicole to "stop eating."

Nicole responded: "Make it make sense I get told to not promote 'bad health' then get told to 'stop eating' I won’t ever stop being me my loves."

The videos have gone viral, racking up over 189,000 views and hundreds of comments – with many praising the body positive influencer for speaking out.

"Girl you slay – you're beautiful!" praised one.

A second enthused: "You are amazing!"

A third wrote: "Slayyy you look absolutely amazing – no words!"

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "That was a whole entire slay babes ahhhhhh I'm deceased!"

Another commented: "Barbie vibes."

And one more added: "She is giving too pretty to care!"

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