I'm plus size and tried on the viral shrink dress – it took three people to get me into it | The Sun

IT was the dress that caused a storm on social media this summer, with people amazed that it could stretch enough to fit their bodies.

Stella Williams had seen the dress on TikTok, and decided to order herself one from Dolls Kill, to see if it would fit her plus size curves.

She took to TikTok to share a video of her try on, as she said: "I’m dying to try this viral TikTok dress, we're going to do it together, let's go."

Stella then showed how the dress fit over an orange bra and pink PVC miniskirt, as she added: "I had no idea this was going to fit but it did and it's so cute.

"It actually took three people to get (me) into it… just so you're aware."

"Ok but why so many people to get into it?!" one person asked in the comments section.

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"Does it stretch? I’m scared I’ll get stuck now!"

With Stella replying: "It does but I was so scared I was gonna rip it.

"Turns out it was a strong material so I got out of it myself and could move around!"

"Wore this exact dress to a rave!" another commented.

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"Very comfortable, although I had to cut holes on my thumbs to type on my phone!"

"Go ahead girl live your best life you look good!" someone else wrote.

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As another comment read: "I want and need!"

"You look gorgeous!" someone else praised.

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