I'm mum shamed on the school run for my sexy outfit & having a gun drawn on my face – I don't care what people think | The Sun

A MUM who shared a video of herself getting dressed for the school run has really divided opinion with her outfit and makeup choice.

Charlie Hayes, who posts under the acronym @churchofstrawberry, took to TikTok and posted a clip where she can be seen with a red gun drawn on her face which she did free-hand using makeup.

She begins: "Good morning – lets get dressed for the school run.

"I have a gun on my face so as you imagine, today's outfit is going to be a little bit crazy!"

As she talks her social media followers through her outfit, she continues: "So the makeup is to match this insane two-piece that I got from Depop.

"It's this patchwork maxi skirt and this corset which says 'make love not war.'


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"I put some tights to go on underneath the skirt so I stay extra warm, I put on this statement necklace that I found in a charity shop last year, then it's going to be these
insane heels and this red/orange faux fur hat.

"This look is already going crazy! I'm going to wear my real rabbit fur jacket – it's vintage, and this vintage hand embroidered bag."

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Charlie then goes on to ask what everyone thinks of her complete outfit.

"I love it, I feel very glamorous," she says.

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"I'm in love with this two-piece.

"I'm just obsessed, it's insane.

The post has since garnered an impressive 43,000 views and been inundated with comments online – but not everyone was a fan of the look.

"What on earth? Going to drop kids of like that!" wrote one.

A second questioned: "I love this and wearing what you want to run your kid too school but justttt maybe the wrong place to wear guns LMAO."

Elsewhere, others praised Charlie's individuality and fashion taste.

"I feel like Vivi Westwood would have wanted to adopt you," joked one.

A second agreed: "Reminds me of Vivienne "Westwood's designs! I love it."

A third enthused: "Insane love it."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "This is an absolute work of art!"

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Another noted: "Slay slay slay."

And one more added: "Can we appreciate how much of a good mum she truly is and how much she couldn’t give a f**k about what everyone else thinks, the mum I aspire to be."

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