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TV Presenter Holly Willoughby is someone that many of us look to for style advice.

Not only does she have a figure of dreams, but she always wears fabulous clothes too.

Luckily for you, Holly Willoughby’s fashion stylist, Danielle Whiteman, has shared her secrets for styling the stunning ITV host.

Holly often sparks sell-out sales of the garments she wears on This Morning and regularly stuns on the red carpet in gorgeous ball gowns, all thanks to Danielle.

Danielle has been styling Holly for years and is also a contributor to Wylde Moon, Holly's official lifestyle brand where the presenter discusses the likes of style and beauty, crystals and astrology and relationships.

Danielle has since partnered with SmileDirectClub as a member of its Confidence Council, to offer her advice in a bid to boost the nation’s confidence levels. 

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The stylist told Express.co.uk her secrets for styling the TV presenter, as she revealed her key rules to looking fabulous. 

Danielle explained that when dressing Holly, she always ensures that she dresses her in well-fitted clothing.

By doing this, Danielle draws attention to Holly's waist.

She expressed: "Something that is key with dressing Holly is a nipped-in waist.

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"Drawing attention to Holly’s waist is key, especially for TV as you have no control over camera angles."

Additionally, wearing more closely fitted garments is key to Holly's style.

Danielle said: "Making sure nothing is too oversized or has no excess fabric is key."

Not only this, but Danielle swears by wearing pink to instantly elevate a look and boost confidence.

She continued: "A great pop of pink can really lift a mood and add some colour to your cheeks.”

When it comes to a tonal look, Danielle recommended wearing shades of one colour, to show off a modern, sophisticated look. 

She further advised: "Anything with a nipped-in waist will be your best friend, whether it’s a tailored high-waisted trouser, classic midi dress with a nipped-in waist, a-line skirt, etc.

"Anything that draws attention to the waist will be your best friend."

Holly has been vocal in praising her stylist, with whom she has a long-standing professional relationship. 

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She has said: "I’m not a model and I’m not a straight up and down sample size kind of girl, so putting your trust in another person to dress you is really hard, and that trust comes only with time and experience.

"She knows me, and like all of my team, she’s a friend. She’s seen it all and has often had to help me through times when the show must go on, despite what’s going on with me personally."

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