I’m an organising pro – here’s how to correctly store your jumpers & sweaters to make sure you don't stretch them | The Sun

HANDS up if you're guilty of getting home from a cold winter's day, flinging off your jumper and just shoving it in the cupboard without a second thought?

Yup, us too. But did you know there's apparently a correct way to store them and if you don't you risk stretching them permanently.

Well, according to Jeeves_ny who is a cleaning and organising pro online, jumpers should always be folded not hung.

Jeeves took to TikTok to share how a user had stretched her jumper.

She said: "I guess this is why they say not to hang your knitwear. "

Jeeves said: “This is a very tough lesson and I’m sorry for your loss but we’re going to learn from it.” 

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Firstly you're not supposed to hang your jumpers the same way you would a T-shirt.

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Jeeves said: “Your sweaters and knits should always be folded and put on a hanger.”

If you don’t want to hang your sweaters and you’ve got some shelf space you can lay them flat and folded.

Jeeves said: “Or folded laid flat for two reasons.”

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He said: “First reason that we saw in the video is that the sweater or knit itself can stretch it out.”

He continued: “And number two cheap hangers like wire hangers can reshape the shoulder and actually poke holds in it and wear that fabric over time.” 

Jeeves concluded: “This is not great.”

Jeeves' video gained over 422,000 views.

Viewers were impressed with the tips.

One commenter said: “I’m gonna fold all my sweaters on their hangers tomorrow! Thank you!”

Another viewer mentioned they were using this error to their advantage.

They said: “Been using this to stretch out too short cardigans for a while now lol.”

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