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AN INTERNET grandmother has shared five tips to make travelling a piece of cake.

With summer now in full force, most of us are looking to hop on a plane and explore the sunny coasts all across the world.

But, unfortunately, to get there holiday-goers first need to make their way through the airport – and we all know how frustrating this part of the getaway can be.

Luckily, offering a helping hand, one nan has taken it to social media to share a few tips.

The tricks were uploaded by Babs, also known as brunchwithbabs on Instagram, who's dubbed herself the “internet mom/grandma you didn’t know you needed”.

The American, who encourages fans to “come for the family recipes and stay for the motherly advice”, has become the go-to for many who seek all kinds of advice – from three ways to keep the house tidy, to making the best ‘friend in need’ chicken casserole. 

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''For everyone traveling this weekend, here are three things I do for ease at the airport,'' Babs wrote in the caption of the viral video.

The first tip, according to her, is learning how to carry your luggage with least amount of effort required.

Instead of manoeuvring two bags each in their own hand, put the two handles together, with the bags facing back to back, and push them forward.

''Makes it a lot easier,'' the savvy nan claimed.

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The visit to the airport is without a doubt the most boring and tedious aspect of the holiday – and having to go through the security is the part none us are excited over.

With hundreds of other passengers, you are stuck in a never-ending pool of people who are just as frustrated as you, and the line doesn't seem to be moving anywhere.

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Once you've reached the security, Babs recommended to always go to the left.

''Most people are right-handed. Go to the left – shorter lines.''

Last but not least, it's also important to stay comfortable – and this is where travel pillows come in handy.

But, as Babs demonstrated, you've probably been using them all wrong.

Instead of resting the back of your head – even if the packaging says to do so – turn it around so that the opening goes on the back.

''Now that's comfy,'' the whizz said, before revealing a bonus tip.

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''Ask if you can date-check your bag. Won't cost you anything and you don't have to hassle with it on the plane.''

However, this, she added, only applies to carry-on size luggage only.

Babs revealed the right way to use a travel pillow – you're supposed to have the opening at the backCredit: Instagram/ brunchwithbabs

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