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THE route to redesign is never easy, but a "juxtaposition hack" may make things easier.

One TikTok design expert believes her method can make any space luxurious, even with cheaper furniture.

You could buy luxury furniture or designer dishes, and the room might be expensive, but it may not "look" expensive.

Julie Sousa is a DIY and interior design master.

She posted a video on how to make a dining room look expensive using just one hack.

There's a method to her madness, but you may not be able to see the vision right away.


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Julie begins the video by saying: "Avoid matching dining sets as they'll make your space look dated."

Now, you're probably think that matching dining room sets do the opposite.

If a table and chairs match, the room looks organized, and put together.

But Julie disagrees and instead suggests mixing things up.

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Rather than taking the cohesive route, Julie says to take the juxtaposition route.

Julie's juxtaposition hack consists of mixing and matching materials and textures.

In the video, you see a big wooden dining room table.

Julie explains that getting the chairs that are the same material as the table doesn't make the space look expensive.

An expensive dining room would maybe pair a green velvet set of chairs or circular chairs with different coloring than the table.

Julie says: "This is called juxtaposition, and it's critical for creating visually interesting rooms."

Even if they had never thought much about it before, viewers agreed that the mix-matched dining room set looked better.

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One viewer had already done a similar design.

"Yes! People ask me why I don’t have a dining set. I have a barn wood table and parson like chairs," she says.

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