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IT'S not uncommon for people to want to go outside in only sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a pair of slippers when the chilly weather begins.

Style and elegance coach Anna Bey said you should fight your lazy, cozy urge and stay away from ten outfits this fall if you want to look classy.

"Why on Earth do women pull these clothes out? I don't know," Anna says at the start of her recent YouTube video.

To Anna, comfort and convenience aren't the two priorities you should have if you're trying to appear elegant.

While falling leaves and cool breeze prompt the idea of wanting to stay in bed and bundle up, Anna argues this doesn't mean you should go outside looking like you just did.

In her video, she covers the ten outfits you should stay away from wearing this fall.


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"This is probably one of the most basic looks," Anna says as she reveals the first outfit mistake.

Anna explains that wearing skinny jeans with Chelsea boots isn't a look you should be sporting.

Although these chunky heeled booties are a common shoe choice, Anna believes they're usually styled wrong.

"Worst is also the color of the boots," she continues.

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The brown and neutral suedes are not her favorite.

"That really downgrades it more," she admits.

If you want to wear these booties, wear them under baggy trousers.

Up next to go are teddy coats.

In Anna's opinion, this oversized fluffy comfort coat isn't flattering on anyone.

Anna refers to it as a "morning robe."

"Because that's what it looks like. It looks like you just woke up, you put on your morning robe, and you're just going to brush your teeth,"she says.

Since teddy coats are bulky and wide, Anna thinks they make you look too big.

Cargo style is not a look Anna thinks you should be wearing, either.

"It looks really casual, and it looks like I just threw something on today," she proclaims.

Not all cargo is bad; you should pick the right occasion to wear it.

Anna uses Kate Middleton's cargo looks as an example.

She explains that Kate only wears cargo-style jackets when she's doing a more rustic activity.

Though this may seem a bit obvious, Anna sees women wearing open-toe heels during the fall, and they shouldn't.

"It's just not appropriate. It's not elegant, and it's just too cold," she says.

"There is something about the heavy knit that I think looks really 'plain Jane,'" Anna continues.

Heavy knit scarves may keep you warm, but according to Anna, they keep you from looking classy.

You should choose a different fabric or texture scarf to look more expensive.

If you want to elevate your fall looks: stop wearing leggings with tall boots.

Anna says: "I don't even know what to say. I don't even have comments on this look. I don't think that's a nice look, certainly not an elegant look."

"This is just no."

There are ways to make plaid look lush, but Anna doesn't think wearing it as an oversized shirt is one.

"That looks very downgraded. That looks very masculine. Again, it looks like you don't care," she proclaims.

Black tights can look chic when styled the right way as well.

Anna thinks women get this wrong, especially when they wear black tights with shorts that are a "contrasting color."

Pairing denim shorts with black tights should be avoided at all costs.

"When there is a contrasting color, it breaks it off, and you actually look shorter," Anna explains.

The same thing goes for wearing black tights with contrasting color shoes.

Anna argues that wearing black tights with black ballerina flats will elongate your legs.

"Black tights go with black shoes," she argues.

Oversized knitted sweaters worn as a dress are the last to be nixed from Anna's fall fashion guide.

She doesn't think these sweaters are actually ever long enough to be worn as a dress and they just look lazy.

Viewers had mixed opinions about Anna's list of styles to avoid.

One opposer wrote: "For any ladies watching, "basic" is actually a style aesthetic (also mine) so definitely don't feel discouraged."

But a supporter commented: "Thanks Ana for the reality check ! We are all guilty of becoming too invested in a look which we convince ourselves looks great, but lacks alternative perspective."

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Another fan added: "As for the long knitted top/dress, I’m reminded of Tim Gunn saying on Project Runway, 'if you have to ask if a clothing item is a dress or a top, it’s always a top.'"

However, a skeptical viewer said: "I do the boot and skinny jeans outfit a lot with a nice chunky sweater or a nice jacket or cardigan. Men still approach me left & right."

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