I'm an elegance coach and your make-up can make you look tacky in seconds… don't even get me started on lip contouring | The Sun

A STYLE expert has listed the four make-up mistakes to steer clear of if you want to achieve an elegant look this summer – and it's not good news if you love a darker lip liner.

Make-up trends come and go – but according to one elegance coach only known as Level Blue, some are best avoided at all costs.

Offering a helping hand to those who want to elevate their appearance, the guru took to TikTok where she shared some of the most common beauty mistakes that will only give you a tacky look.

Contouring lips

According to the pro, one of the main mistakes people tend to make is with their lips – and here, knowing what lippy to go for is key.

The expert insisted that wearing a brown lipstick with layers of gloss on top or opting for a dark lip liner is a big no-no.

It may have been the hottest trend in the 90s, but this look, she reckoned, was ''ridiculous, especially up close in person''.


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''You can see all that make-up around the mouth. I don't understand the obsession with having massive lips.

''It has to be in proportion with you natural features,'' she added in the video.

Carved eyebrows

When doing your make-up, Level Blue also strongly advised against applying concealer under your brows.

Although you may reckon it's giving your eyebrows a more neat appearance, the whizz insisted that not only does it look tacky – but it's also ageing you.

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She added: ''The more products you use, the less fresh and attractive you start to look.''

Full coverage foundation

Another trend the elegance coach had added to the list was caking on full coverage foundation, as often instructed by beauty gurus on social media.

''It never looks good in person. Those make-up tutorials might trick you with special lights and filters.

''But in real life, you're going to look insecure in your own skin – which is a bad look on anyone.''

Eyelash extensions

Advising her fans on the platform on how to be more elegant, Level Blue also shared her thoughts on eyelash extensions and falsies – and needless to say, she wasn't a fan.

''These massive fake eyelashes look very cheap and unflattering.

''I understand the desire to have long, voluminous lashes – but there is a way to make it look natural and pretty.''

Another tip she added was ensuring you can't see the glue and there is no dust or dirt stuck to your lashes.

''Your nails, your hair, your style and outfit – it all speaks about your class and taste.''