I’m an E-cup – my boobs ‘really struggle’ in certain conditions, but people aren’t very sympathetic | The Sun

A BUSTY woman has revealed that having a larger bra size isn't what it's cracked up to be.

She compared having a size E-cup chest to a "struggle," which people didn't seem to have much sympathy for.

Poppy (@poppyashwell) revealed that her boobs make it difficult for her to handle a summertime heatwave.

The 23-year-old shared that the 100-degree weather was too much for the girls to bear.

The video came as part of a movement to normalize different body shapes and functions.

People are becoming more candid about natural issues that can arise and that it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Women with larger busts pointed out that undergarments are not made with their unique shape in mind, making issues like uncomfortable sweating more common.

Some busty style enthusiasts opted to forgo bras altogether in favor of boob tape or tops with built-in chest support.

Others are opting for super supportive styles such as sports bras specifically made with busty women in mind.

Some extreme cases resorted to surgical measures, undergoing a breast reduction.

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For some women, being too busty is possible, and can cause sweaty discomfort or even back pain.

Viewers of Poppy's TikTok didn't offer much sympathy for her big boob conundrum.

"I'd still live there," one fan joked.

Others offered advice on how to deal with boob sweat in hot weather.

"Baby powder," one advised. "It helps to stop sweating and makes them smell good throughout the day."

"Oh my God that's genius," another replied.

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