I’m a wedding planner – couples always waste their money on the same three things and fancy wedding cakes are the worst | The Sun

IT'S NO secret that weddings are expensive.

Even if you're planning a budget wedding you'll still probably have to fork out for food, a venue and a dress.

Costs can quickly add up if you don't know what you're doing, that's where wedding planners like this one come in.

Tosh, who runs Tosh Events, revealed the things that couples always waste money on when it comes to their big day, and some of them might surprise you.

Fancy wedding cakes

Of course, if cake is your favourite thing in the world and you've always dreamed of an extravagant cake to indulge in – go right ahead!

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But according to Tosh people always waste money by going overboard with elaborate cake designs that no one pays much attention to anyway.

She said: "You can get a smaller sized cake or have your baker mix dummy cake with your real cake.

"That’s if you really love the over the top cake design.

"There will be other desserts/treats anyway, divert the rest of the money on something else."

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According to Whimsical Wonderful Weddings, the average cake set couples back £350 last year, so spend that money on something you'll actually enjoy.

Posh programmes

It might seem nice to give all of your guests individual wedding programmes, but they're an unnecessary expense according to Tosh.

"They are really pretty and give that personal touch but ends up in the trash," she explained.

"Your friends just want to have fun and socialize, your parents and siblings will probably keep their copies and that’s about it.

"Just print a few copies and put the money on something else."

Or just get one printed to put near the entrance so everyone can see it, or even opt for a chalk board to write the order of the day on to save some cash.

More than one dress

There's no need to have a dress for your ceremony and a dress for the reception afterwards.

Wedding dresses aren't cheap so picking just one that you'll love for both parts of the day will help save loads of money.

Not only that but after your big day you'll have to find somewhere to keep all of that tulle.

"I get calls after my couples wedding asking what they can do with their wedding dress," the wedding pro confessed.

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"'Tosh, I don’t know how to even keep the dress, It’s just all over the place.'

"If you fall in this category, you can rent a gorgeous wedding dress instead and save your money."

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