I'm a tattoo artist – here are the inkings that get removed the most… some are ridiculous | The Sun

A TATTOO artist has revealed the inkings which are most commonly removed.

Christine Taylor, who works closely with London based removal clinic Naama, has said quote tats are no longer loved.

Once popular because of David Beckham and Angeline Jolie, they are now in the top five of most removed.

With the most common quotes being Carpe Diem and Only God Can Judge Me, Brits are no longer fans of having inspirational words sprawled on their skin.

Trends over the years have led to impulsive tats – which many now regret.

Christine said: "Tattoos that were popular when I was younger are completely different to the ones that are popular now.


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“We’ve seen a lot of people getting their tattoo inspiration from TikTok."

Other hated skin ink includes hearts, flowers and tribal pieces.

The most common removed tattoo designs over the past 12 months are:

  • Writing and quotes
  • Tribal pieces
  • Hearts
  • Symbols
  • Flowers (with roses being the most removed)

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The most common places where tattoos have been removed:

  • Hands
  • Shoulders
  • Eyebrows

Naama recently went viral after putting on free removals for anyone with a Kanye West tattoo.

The Sun Online visited the studio where manager of the studio Melina said the rapper was now a "trigger tattoo" for people.

It comes after the disgraced rapper glorified the dictator and the Nazis last year.

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