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US Brits love our sweet treats, with many of us having our regular 3pm sugar craving.

Whether you’re a chocolate or a sweet person, you’re bound to have a go-to sweet treat that really hits the spot when you want an indulgent snack.

And it turns out that your favourite snack says a lot about you and your personality.

So if you are partial to strawberry laces, bonbons, or love hearts, Clare can tell just the type of person you are.

And if chocolate is your go-to treat, whether that be a bar of Dairy Milk, a pack of Rolos or a Bounty, according to Clare, this says a lot about your personality and the things you enjoy doing. 

We spoke to Clare Turnbull, Product Manager at SugarSin Sweets to get the low-down on what your favourite treats reveal about you. 

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Haribo are one of the most popular fruit gummy sweets worldwide and whether you’re a child or an adult, a pack of Haribo will always go down a treat.

According to Clare, if you like Haribo, you’re “the class clown, the practical joker, the one always making others laugh.

“You live for fun and are rarely troubled by the woes of everyday life. 

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“Always bold and never worried to jump in head first, you are destined to be the light in the lives of your loved ones. 

“Overjoyed by seeing a smile on others’ faces, your love language is words of affirmation.”

Strawberry laces

If strawberry laces are your thing, according to Clare, you are always up for a laugh.

Clare explained: “Fun and fruity, a social butterfly – you are the life of the party.

“You can find a friend in anyone and you’re always up for a good time. 

“Your favourite hobbies are bottomless brunches, retail therapy and dancing the night away. 

“You’re destined to be the cool and elusive relative that jets here, there, and everywhere, always returning with a story to tell and a unique gift from far-off lands as your love language is gift-giving.”


But if you like a more traditional sweet and often reach for a Bonbon or two, Clare thinks that you are destined for success.

The sweet expert continued: “You are the quiet, unsuspected genius. 

“You’re regularly overlooked by your peers so your spectacular ideas seem to come out of thin air to dazzle everyone. 

“Your wit is second to none and you very much enjoy a sarcastic comment or two. 

“You enjoy your own company but have a handful of like-minded besties who make everything better. 

“You’re destined to have a steady yet successful life. 

“Your love language is acts of service which you regularly fulfil by imparting your wisdom.”

Dip Dab

Who doesn’t love a Dip Dab? A fun sweet, that according to Clare, means you are bold and strong, but actually hide a slightly darker side.

Clare added: “You’re happy-go-lucky most of the time but you pack an explosive temper.

“Most will never see it, and most could never believe that it’s in you as you’re usually so carefree. 

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“But the truth is your temper is born from love as you have such a passionate soul. 

“You’re bold and strong although occasionally a little moody, but you will do everything to love and protect those dear to you. 

“You’re destined to have a strong and loving family and learn not to care for others’ opinions. 

“You’ll hold out your hands for anyone in need as your love language is physical touch.”


If your favourite sweet is a Drumstick lolly, you are very wise and are great at giving advice. 

Clare said: “You are an old soul, full of passion and love for the good old days.

“You’re laid back, you love rock and roll, comfy shoes and reminiscing over time well spent. 

“You’re the wise owl that many come to for advice, greeting everyone with kindness and respect because your love language is quality time. 

“You’re destined to be loved by many and grow old in a warm glow of satisfaction with no regrets, knowing that you did life well.”

Love Hearts

It’s no surprise that if your favourite sweets are Love Hearts, you’re a hopeless romantic.

Clare explained: “Of course, you’re a hopeless romantic – you fall head over heels at first sight and spend your days with your head in the clouds dreaming of your happily ever after. 

“You’re easily heartbroken but those around you always help you bounce back just in time to fall in love all over again with your heart on your sleeve every time. 

“Your perfect date would start with champagne and strawberries and end with a moonlit walk barefoot on the sand, hand in hand as your love language is physical touch. 

“Fear not, you’re destined to live with the love of your life by your side every step of the way.”

Parma Violets

But if you’d rather have a pack of Parma Violets, this means you are well dressed and enjoy the finer things in life. 

According to Clare, if you like Parma Violets, you are “prim and proper, you love all the fine arts from literature to theatre and you enjoy nothing more than learning something new. 

“You’re always well dressed, never a hair out of place.

“Sad songs make you happy, you enjoy picking up a critically acclaimed novel and you’re partial to a glass of fine wine. 

“Many think of you as very intelligent and will often consider coming to you for advice on creative projects. 

“You’re destined to educate others about the finer things in life which you consider an act of service, your love language.” 


If you tend to reach for chocolate rather than sweets, in particular a pack of Rolos, Clare thinks you’re a bit of a flirt.

If Rolos are your favourite snack, Clare said you are “a smooth talker, a wise cracker, a flirt.

“You could get away with murder with just the twinkle in your eye. 

“Everyone thinks your timekeeping is terrible but actually you like to see everyone watch as you enter the party, and you’re sure to be the last to leave. 

“You admire others’ uniqueness but enjoy attention a little too much and you spend too much time taking selfies.

“You’re destined to break many hearts without even noticing, but you’ll remember each of them fondly. 

“Your love language is physical touch but with chat as smooth as butter many mistake it for words of affirmation. 

“In spite of it all, you have a huge heart.”


But if you’d rather munch on a pack of Maltesers, Clare would describe you as a caring person with good organisational skills. 

Clare thinks “at first you are shy, but once you’ve broken down your barrier you’re a real chatterbox.

“You like to observe before making your judgement, and you rarely dive straight in. 

“You have many good friends who consider you the ‘mum’ of the group due to your selfless care for others and your organisational skills.

“You’re destined for greatness as you appreciate the progress you have made, no step in the right direction is taken for granted. 

“Your love language is an act of service, most typically in caring for those around you – just be sure to care for yourself too.”

Dairy Milk

If you always reach for a classic Dairy Milk chocolate bar to satisfy your sweet tooth, Clare would describe you as a free spirit.

She thinks of you as a “natural beauty – you’re at one with all things natural and you love to spend your time in the fresh air. 

“Some think you’re a little wild but that’s because your soul is free. 

“You love to be barefoot and will take any opportunity you can to swim in the ocean. 

“You love sunrises and sunsets and sharing them with special people. 

“Others always admire your peaceful presence and your radiance. 

“You’re destined for happiness and a fulfilled life chasing your dreams.

“Your love language is physical touch, you welcome everyone into your heart with open arms.”


A chocolate bar often overlooked in a sharebox, if you regularly reach for a Bounty, Clare sees you as a big character.

According to the sweet expert, if you like a Bounty, “You’re feisty! People either love you or they hate you – on first meeting, many think you’re sour but it’s just your dry sense of humour. 

“You’re a big character and often dominate conversation, but those close to you love you for it.

“You enjoy playing pranks on people and are a real wind-up merchant but that’s what makes you a lovable rogue.

“You’re destined for a life of fun, nothing taken too seriously, with a close-knit group around you. 

“Your love language is gift-giving – you have a special ability to choose the perfect present, and many come to you for inspiration when buying for others.”


But if you tend to go for a Mars when the Celebrations come out, it turns out that you are a bit of a wild child.

Clare describes you as “A real wild child, many think you are away with the fairies but actually you just don’t let others’ opinions weigh you down.

“You love simple pleasures like dancing in the rain, sitting in the moonlight and feeling the sun on your face. 

“You love animals and often find yourself happier in their company than in the company of other people. 

“You’re destined to walk through life happily independent with a canine companion by your side. 

“Your love language is quality time enjoyed most when indulging in life’s little wonders with those closest to you.” 

SugarSin Sangria Gummies

And finally, if you’ve ever had sweets from SugarSin before and are obsessed with their Sangria Gummies, according to Clare you are someone that loves to travel and make friends. 

Clare concluded, if you like SugarSin Sangria Gummies, you are “a glamorous individual, you carry yourself with ease and others are secretly jealous of your grace. 

“You’re a good judge of character and can always spot a rose amongst thorns. 

“Whether in company or alone you can always appreciate the little things in life and will be at your happiest when soaking up the sun from a spot with a view. 

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“You’re destined to travel and find beautiful places and forge lifelong friendships. 

“You will always make space for those in your life because your love language is quality time.”

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