I’m a small-town country girl – I stop my chores for some ‘chicken love’ but they like to steal my snacks | The Sun

A COUNTRY girl knows that there's a seemingly endless amount of work that needs to be done on a farm.

Even a whole afternoon can't seem to cover the chores that she has to do.

Dessa Burch (@dessaburch) took her followers around on a maintenance day in a video.

"Let's get some stuff done this afternoon," she said, sporting a warm brown coat on a cold day.

She started by gathering some wood and branches for a burn pile, tossing tennis balls to fend off the dogs.

Next came raking up the weeds in the yard.

She took a break from chores by showing her chickens some love and having a snack break with marshmallows.

"I'm trying to have a snack and a rest…" she said, laughing as the chickens took turns pecking at her treats.

"Well, I didn't get much of that snack," she joked as a flock of chickens crowded around her.

In another video, she vlogged another day of getting ready to take on tasks at the ranch.

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"Who needs the husband, not this girl!!" she joked, adding the hashtags #countrygirlsdoitbest and #smalltowngirl.

Fellow country women took to the comments to show their support.

"Been there done that after the ice storm we had!!" said one. "Took a couple days!!"

Others joked lightheartedly about the chicken situation.

"Chickens glad to see you!!" said one viewer.

"Hope you have an awesome weekend!! Great day to be outdoors!!"

A few even thought Dessa's attempts to fend off the chickens looked like a good time.

"Looks like fun, I'd help," said one well-intentioned commenter.

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