I'm a skincare expert, 48, & people think I’m so much younger – I’ve never had Botox or fillers, you don’t need to | The Sun

AN AGE-DEFYING skincare expert has shared her top tips for looking young.

According to esthetician Wendy, who is 48-years-old but often mistaken for being in her twenties, there's no need to fork out hundreds on luxurious skincare products or cosmetic procedures.

Instead, she believes one simple step in your skincare regime could be the key to looking years younger – and the chances are, you probably miss it out altogether.

The beauty pro took to TikTok (@wessie7582) and explained how exfoliation is "critical" as you age because as the years pass, the sloughing off of dead cells gets slower and slower.

"So those dead cells can accumulate and build up on the skin settling in fine lines, making your skin look dull and dry," she explains.

"They settle in fine lines and wrinkles, making them look even deeper. so your skin will look more aged."


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Wendy goes on to say how the trick is finding the right exfoliant.

"You don't want to be using something like salicylic acid because that's going to be more for an oily, acne prone skin type," she explains.


"Look for something along the lines of a lactic or mandelic acid.

"These are beautiful as we age and our skin is getting drier and more dehydrated."

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The skincare whizz emphasises how important it is to manually exfoliate 1-3 times a week with an alpha-hydroxy acid.

"Your skin is going to be healthier, it'll glow more, your makeup will go on smoother – it does wonders," she says.

"A lot of women in our age group are afraid of exfoliation, they think it's going to dry out their skin but that's not the case.

"It's actually very, very critical for us having a more youthful glowing skin – it's just that it's finding the right exfoliation and not overusing it."

The video has since gone viral, racking up thousands of views and hundreds of comments, with many shocked at Wendy's true age.

"Omg you will be 49 soon!!???? This can’t be real you re so beautiful are you filter free????" wrote one.

A second penned: "I can’t believe you’re almost 49! You look incredible!"

A third agreed: "Wow you look like you are in your twenties!"

And a fourth praised: "Skin looks INCREDIBLE!"

Another added: "You must sleep on your back. You have no sleep lines."

Elsewhere, others were full of questions and eager to follow the skincare steps themselves.

"Game changer since I started doing it 3 times a week," one person admitted.

"I have oily skin though so I use a glycolic acid. My skin handles it well."

A second commented: "I wish I knew this sooner."

A third asked: "So how hard would you recommend to scrub? I feel like I may not be scrubbing hard enough!"

Wendy replied: "So how hard would you recommend to scrub? I feel like I may not be scrubbing hard enough!"

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Meanwhile a fourth questioned: "Should we skip retinol on nights we exfoliate?"

Wendy responded: "Yes!"

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