I’m a size 26 & my mate’s a 12 – we tried on the same Asos dresses but one was so low cut my cleavage had to be censored | The Sun

TWO women have tried on three dresses from Asos to show what the outfits look like on their different figures.

Laura Adlington, who is a size 26, and her best friend Lottie Drynan, who is a size 12, tried on the same frocks from Asos to see what they look like on their body shapes – and they’ve both been left in hysterics. 

Not only were they not keen on the dresses, but Lottie’s cleavage had to be censored in one frock, as it was far too low cut.

Laura, who appeared on The Great British Bake Off, shared the clip on social media, as the pair shared their thoughts on each dress.

Lottie explained: “Hi, I’m Lottie and I’m a size 12”, as Laura then chimed in “Hi, I’m Laura and I’m a size 26.”

Size 12 Lottie added: “Welcome to the same dress, different bodies, from Asos.”

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The women tried on the first dress – a long sleeved, floaty yellow frock, as Lottie explained: 

“I’ve done the buttons up wrong to start.”

Laura chimed in: “It is really bad.” 

Talking about Asos dresses, Lottie claimed: “They get lower and lower – you couldn’t wear a bra with this.”

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Laura then explained: “I like the colour – that’s literally the only thing I like about it.”

The women then tried on the next dress – but were both quickly left in hysterics. 

Lottie put her hand over her boob, as she said: “Wait for it…”

Seconds later, Lottie moved her hand, but had to censor the screen, as her boob was left spilling out.

Not only did the dress not fit Lottie properly, but Laura wasn't impressed either, as she noted: “It’s horrible. The colour is like old period blood colour.”

Lottie claimed: “I think the shape looks lovely on you. I genuinely, genuinely do.”

But Laura didn’t agree, as she added: “I look like a potato.”

The pair then tried on their final dress, but were equally not impressed.

Lottie pointed at the dress as she explained: “Again, Asos…too low. And what is with the band? What a weird place to put the panel?

“It looks like a maternity dress.” 

Laura’s TikTok clip, which she shared under the username @lauraadlington, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 56,600 views in just one day.

Social media users enjoyed the clip and were quick to share their thoughts in the comments. 

One person said: “You're both gorgeous, but these dresses are not. They look so cheap.”

Another added: “Agreed! Asos go looow.”

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A third commented: “I have to pin almost all my tops like this from Asos!”

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