I’m a proud boujee gypsy, trolls come at me with vanilla comments about ‘fly tipping’ but I know how to school them | The Sun

AFTER receiving several comments from trolls, one woman decided to hit back in the best way possible.

Charlotte Ann was left embarrassed on behalf of someone who commented on her video after they simply wrote: “Flytipping ..?” 

And in a bid to clear up the confusion, she posted a reply, explaining: “Gypsy trolling comments left on my videos… For some reason I’m inundated with them, I don’t know why.” 

Sharing that she feels a bit better from being ill, she said she simply had to get out of bed after seeing the comments she received. 

“All these 2002 vanilla, beige, ‘I found a joke on a Christmas cracker’ comments are just not doing it for me,” she continued. “Because last time I checked I’m boujee – Barbie Boujee at this present moment in time. 

“And these little vanilla comments, these little mediocre digs at me, they’re just not hitting it because my level of sarcasm, boujeeness, funniness is here.”

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She then lifted her hand into a horizontal line by her face to demonstrate her point before lifting her other hand further down to share how the trolls are beneath her. 

“And you’re really boring,” she went on. 

Attempting to describe her troll, she said they probably have a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ writing on the walls from Home Bargains. 

“Your level of sarcasm and funniness is here, live laugh love, and mine is here,” she continued, lifting both hands once more. 

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Charlotte Ann said people who troll her need to at least be on the same level as her, if not on a higher level. 

She said: “You’ve got to be matching my energy and this comment… No one is hyped after reading this because this is just mainstream boring.” 

The brunette beauty then accused them of “following the leader” before questioning: “Are you not embarrassed? Because I’m embarrassed for you. I took the shame for you.” 

Charlotte Ann then said that if she ever decided to troll someone, which she admitted she never would, then she’d “at least be good at it”. 

“Do better in life, do better on your page, do better at everything,” she went on. “And for me followers, I love you. I’m feeling a little bit better today… I love you bye.” 

In the caption, TikTok user @charlotteann00 added: “little bit of education is needed”. 

People flocked to the comments section to praise her as one person wrote: “I actually love you,” as a second chimed: “best reply and all while keeping it classy,” followed by a flame emoji and a red heart emoji. 

A third shared: “Ignore the haters! I love your honesty. Sending hugs, feel better soon xx”. 

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“Ah Charlotte you are an absolute legend, I laugh so much at your responses. Keep it up you boujee Queen,” a fourth said with a red heart emoji. 

While a fifth added: “Shocking and in this day and age!” followed by two red heart emojis. 

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