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IF you live in a tiny flat or apartment, chances are you're experiencing one main problem – not having enough space.

Well, the good news is…size doesn't matter!

According to Terry Fisher, who is a property expert at We Buy Any Home, there are some clever ways to maximise a small space – all while on a budget.

Here, he speaks exclusively to Fabulous and reveals eight simple tips to make a tiny haven feel as spacious as possible.


Terry recommends having as much floor on show as possible by "giving everything legs."

"This is a game-changer for small spaces as it gives a real sense of space under chairs and small sofas," he says.

"Making as much of the floor as possible visible maximises the sense of a larger footprint."


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He adds: “The good thing about this is that it can fit in with whatever style you’re aiming for – from traditional pieces with turned wooden legs to modern minimalist designs incorporating metal."

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The property guru also advises coming up with ways to solve multiple problems at once.

"For instance, if you have an ugly radiator consider buying, or making, your own cover," he suggests. "The space on top could serve as a shelf. 

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“Or, instead of a coffee table in a living room, can you go for something sturdy that could be used as extra seating when guests arrive?”


Terry highlights that great lighting is key and goes so far as to say it can make or break your space.

"If you have a small room try uplighting, where the lamp points upwards and not down, or wall sconces to get as much light in the room as possible," he recommends.

“Or you could switch a single pendant light for a multi-lamp ceiling light instead."

He goes on to advise looking around and assessing where your natural light is coming from.

"If you’ve got one small window, ditch heavy curtains and blinds and go for something lighter instead," he says. "A pair of unlined curtains can set you back as little as £20. Don’t forget to clean your windows, too."

Terry adds: "Mirrors can also help to bounce light around, giving you a feeling of more space.

"If you rent and don’t want to start hammering your walls, try a leaner mirror instead.”


Terry points out that transforming a small space is all about making clever use of what you've already got.

"Corners are often overlooked," he explains. “Add a point of interest with a tall house plant, an accent chair in a bold colour to make a smart reading nook, or a clever corner unit to give you some all-important storage.”


It's well known that lighter colours will help to make a small space feel bigger – and Terry couldn't agree more.

"I would always opt for something brighter," he says. “Pastels were a big trend throughout last year and show no sign of waning in popularity.

Colour plays in important role so keep it light – dusky greys or crisp, bleached browns – while a rug with a striking diamond pattern will only add to the effect

“My tips would be a calming pastel green, some cheery but subtle pinks or even a morning sunrise-invoking yellow to not only give a greater sense of space but also lift your mood."

He notes that tubs of matt emulsion cost around £20, while the more unusual tones could cost a little more.

“But it’s still an incredibly cheap way of transforming the look and feel of a space," he adds.


The property expert explains that the surface and appearance of whatever is under your feet really helps make the most of the space you’re working with.

“If using laminate or wooden planks, go for wider pieces or lay them in a diagonal pattern as this tricks the eye into thinking the room is wider," he advises.

“Again, colour plays in important role so keep it light – dusky greys or crisp, bleached browns – while a rug with a striking diamond pattern will only add to the effect.”


Terry also notes that keeping your home clutter-free can have a huge impact on how your space feels.

"It’s sensible to have clear-outs on a regular basis to keep on top of things you no longer want and need," he explains. “Ask yourself three questions: Do I need it? Is it functional? Do I love it?

"If the answer is no to all three, have a think about whether it could be sold or donated to charity. This will free up space and may even earn you some extra money. 

“For essentials, make sure you have good storage. Aesthetically appealing baskets, boxes and cabinets can make your space feel much tidier."

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He goes on to praise floating shelves for being both stylish and functional.

"If you have high ceilings but a small room, make use of this and assess whether you could take your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling," he says. "This will make it feel higher.”

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