I'm a property expert… keep your home warm this winter using this 60p household product

AS the UK faces chillier months ahead, it is likely many people will be thinking about when they will switch their heating on.

But a property expert has shared his nifty tip to make your rooms warmer – without spending any more money on heating. 

Kyle James, who runs That Property Guy, regularly shares cheap house hacks online, and revealed how foil can boost your radiators. 

He advised anyone still feeling the cold to invest in some specialist radiator foil – or if you can't get your hands on any some regular old tin foil will do the trick. 

Kyle said: “Give your radiators a boost. Radiator reflector foil is one way to keep your house warm.

“It reflects radiator heat back into the room. It’s really simple to install behind radiators.”

He simply pops some sellotape at each corner, before easily sticking it to the wall. 

Kyle advised: “It’s a good idea to do it on radiators on external walls. 

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“Pick up foil from DIY stores, or kitchen foil is a quick hack.” 

B&Q sells building foil for just £11.67, or you can pick up some from your local supermarket from just 60p.

Kyle’s hack has blown people away online, racking up nearly 60,000 likes.

One person raved: “Wow never heard this before.” 

Someone else wrote: “Where can I buy this I do need it.” 

A third commented: “Made such a difference for me.”

While this person added: “Me now going to shove foil down the back of all my radiators.”

And Kyle also revealed how he bought five houses in the UK by age 28.

Plus cleaning fanatics are using radiators to make their homes smell fresh and people are calling the tip ‘unreal’.

Meanwhile this cleaning fan reveals the hidden dirt lurking in radiators – and it’ll make you want to scrub yours immediately.

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