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A PRO shopper has revealed the perfect bath towels that she dubbed "unnecessarily necessary."

The luxury goods guru posted her review of the bathroom essentials after trying five different sets on Amazon.

TikToker Anni Vanderbeek posted a video as part of her series where she finds "things you may not technically need but they do help make life better."

During her hunt for the perfect bath towel, Vanderbeek said that she tried about five different sets and washed them before making her final decision.

"But I found the winner," Vanderbeek said in the video, which has over two and a half million views.

After extensive research, she chose the oversized Gilden Tree bath sheets as her "unnecessarily necessary" towels.

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A set of two is a sizeable $88 dollars on Amazon. The bath sheets are over seven feet long.

"They're absolutely massive, and the waffle knit fabric is super absorbent and soft," Vanderbeek said.

TikTok viewers discussed in the comments whether lux towels are worth the extra dough.

"Wait this is so relevant and absolutely necessary," one person said.

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Another person commented: "Honestly bath sheets are where it's at. Like why have a towel when I could cacoon (sic) myself like a burrito."

"These are the reviews we need!" another person added.

"Tried and true! Instead of ppl just out here posting amazon pics."

Other people couldn't quite get past the price point and even searched for knock-offs.

"$86 for two???? we in different tax brackets," a user commented.

Another said: "IKEA has a knock off for $13!! They may not be as big but they're waffle knit as well."

Vanderbeek has posted other videos where she reveals life hacks that she calls "game-changers."

The lifestyle junkie shared small, particular items that she says make life just a bit better.

This comes after a chef revealed a kitchen staple that can do three jobs for just $1.50 on Amazon.

The recommendation comes from Food & Wine, which revealed unassuming kitchen towels that are good for anything.

The simple rags, which come from the brand Utopia Kitchen, are available with red, blue, grey, or green stripes.

A twelve-pack is $17.99 on Amazon, which makes the must-have towels only $1.50 each.

Molly Baz, a professional chef who is much-loved for her recipes and various YouTube series, told Food & Wine that the Utopia Kitchen towels can do it all.

"Sturdy kitchen towels like the Utopia Kitchen towels can function threefold," she told the outlet.

You can use the towels for routine kitchen cleaning, use them as an oven mitt or pot holder, and even set the table using the towels in place of a dinner napkin.

If you're worried about cross-contamination, or don't want to risk burn marks on your table napkins, grab a couple sets and color-code them.

An Amazon reviewer echoed the pro's advice.

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"Since purchasing these I haven't once felt the need to buy paper towels or napkins," the reviewer commented.

"So glad I found these because they are everything I was looking for and more."

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