I’m a nurse and I've heard baby daddies say the grimmest things during birth – they always leave me in total shock | The Sun

A NURSE has taken to social media to reveal the four shocking things that she has heard baby daddies say during labour.

Anna, who is known on social media as ‘Anna the Nurse’ explained that baby daddies have left her in total shock on many different occasions, with their odd and sometimes gross comments. 

Anna is a nurse who primarily deals with pregnancy and labour and taking to TikTok, she revealed the comments that have left her stunned whilst in the delivery room.

Anna explained: “Things baby daddies have said to me while she was in labour.”

Before revealing the comments baby daddies have said during labour, she noted: “These are not even the worst things I’ve heard.”

The first thing that Anna claims to have heard whilst in the delivery room from an expectant father is “Do you think she’s being dramatic?”

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Not only this, but Anna claimed that many men have said to her “I’m bored”, whilst waiting for their little one to arrive.

As well as this, the nurse revealed that many baby daddies have said “wish she would make those noises for me” whilst hearing their partner give birth.

Finally, Anna claimed that some baby daddies have asked her: “How can I get a paternity test?” 

Anna’s video has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly gone viral and has amassed a whopping 11.2million views.

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It has 1.8million likes, 9995 comments and 10.7k shares.

Social media users were left stunned at Anna’s claims and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “If my future hubby says “I’m bored” while I’m in labour, I’m making him deliver the baby instead of me.”

Another added: “Disappointed but not surprised.” 

A third commented: “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Someone else noted: “Being dramatic?! If that was me i’ll be giving him a whole soap opera after delivery.” 

Whilst another nurse explained: “Oh I have one. “You gotta get this done tonight I’m not staying up all night again” TRUE STORY.” 

Meanwhile, many other mothers revealed what their partners said to them during childbirth.

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One woman posted: “Mine said ‘stop crying, you have nothing to cry about. You’re not in any pain.’” 

Whilst a second chimed in: “Mine asked for some of my pain meds cuz his body was aching.”

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