I'm a midwife & there’s really gross things which happen during labour – I just wish people would take heed of my advice | The Sun

A MIDWIFE has explained why she hates it when birthing partners don't take her advice to "sit down" or leave the room.

Mamadinya has worked as a midwife for years, and has seen it all during that time.

One thing she hates is when people don't "know their capacity", and admitted she's going to "start beating people up" if they don't listen to what the midwife is warning them about.

"Labour can be very, very gruesome," she said in a video on TikTok.

"Not even the baby coming out. Sometimes these women are bleeding… as a midwife I will have my hand up there pulling out blood clots.

"It sounds gruesome, it looks gruesome – it can be a lot.

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"But let me tell you something. If the midwife says, 'Oh you might want to sit down'… SIT DOWN!"

She said that "every day" she has birthing partners pass out because of what they are seeing in the delivery room.

"Why do you lot not listen?" she raged. "It doesn't make you less of a person.

"It's a gruesome thing to watch."

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She recalled one situation where a man vomited all over her while watching his wife's labour, and another where a woman fainted after ignoring advice to look away as an epidural was put in.

"Birth partners, know your capacity," she concluded.

"My husband had his face buried in a pillow while I was getting my epidural," one person commented on the video.

"Why? Because he knows his capacity."

"We love a man that knows his capacity," Mamadinya replied.

"My mum passed out with my 2nd," another said.

"She’s had 7 kids and been birth partner multiple times, down she went."

As a third commented: "I was my cousins birth partner.

"The amount of times I started seeing stars. It's not for the weak!"

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