I’m a make-up pro and people always make the same concealer mistake, it’s why your face look so cakey | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL make-up artist has revealed how to apply concealer so that it looks flawless under the eyes. 

Shanell Sorrells shared a minute-long clip explaining the most common mistake she sees people make on an everyday basis. 

“If you want flawless concealer, stop doing this one thing,” she said as she started the video off. 

Explaining who she is, Shanell revealed that she’s been a make-up artist for the last 10 years and knows all the tricks in the business. 

“Stop going in with a sponge,” the brunette beauty said as she pressed the sponge up against the camera before pulling it away. 

She continued: “First, I see this all the time in my timeline, ‘Why is my concealer getting patchy? Why is it lifting up?’ It’s because you’re using a sponge. 


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“A sponge is going to lift up any product you put down and soak it up.” 

Explaining what you should do instead in her TikTok video, Shanell continued: “You’re going to apply your concealer and let it dry down for at least 15 seconds – 30 is ideal.

“Then you’re going to use a brush, because what it’s going to do is it’s going to properly disperse the product without lifting it up – without taking away the opacity of the product. Without, you know, sheering it out. 

“We don’t want to sheer it out just yet, we want to make sure it’s perfectly placed and blended.

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“Then you go over everything with your sponge to simply perfect it and blend it and melt it into the skin.” 

“Trust me, you’ll see such a difference,” she added as the video came to an end. 

In the caption, she added: “Brush first! Then a sponge! For the most coverage out of your concealers.” 

Viewers were left impressed by the hack and took to the comments section to share their thoughts and questions.

“Trying this technique tomorrow,” one person vowed as she replied: “ouuu report back bestie”. [sic] 

Another complained: “i feel like a brush ruins it while a beauty blender works better,” [sic] but Shanell was quick to correct them as she said: “you have to use the right brush”. [sic]

While a third said: “I thought the wet sponge was better than a brush!” to which Shanell replied: “not always and never wet always just damp!” [sic] 

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