I’m a Kim Kardashian lookalike – people say there’s 'no better dupe' than me and I agree | The Sun

A KIM Kardashian doppelgänger has revealed her striking resemblance to the super celebrity.

Her intense look so closely resembled the Skims founder herself, that fans referred to her as a "dupe."

She played along with the new label, assuring viewers that there's "no better dupe" than her.

Sonya Sed (@sonyased5) took to TikTok with a message for people who say she looks like Kim Kardashian.

"I know a girl who gets called Kim K dupe more than you," she wrote over the video.

She struck several poses in an all black ensemble with her hair pulled back and accessorized with a silver necklace and bracelet.

However, Sed didn't see the resemblance herself, adding in the caption: "I don't see it myself lol like at all."

Viewers flocked to the comment section with strong opinions over Sed's look.

"I def see Kim K but you are prettier my dear," one wrote.

"You look like her more than she does," another added.

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"I see it, you lookalike," a third commented.

Some even suggested making a career over looking like the larger-than-life star.

"You should fill in for her," one said.

Others didn't see the resemblance, but assured Sed that they're both uniquely glamorous.

"No you are so pretty and so is she both in your own individual ways," another commented. "No comparing."

"Wow you are so sweet," Sed replied. "Made my night. Thanks sis."

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