I'm a home repair expert – there's a crucial mistake people make with a clogged toilet but my hack will fix it | The Sun

A HOME repair expert has underlined a crucial mistake people make with a clogged toilet.

For some, clogging a toilet may seem like a horrifying experience, and when you're unable to clear the mess in the bowl – a sense of panic sinks in.

In those crucial – and smelly – moments, you must remain calm and avoid making critical mistakes that could result in hundreds of dollars in damages.

One crucial mistake people make, which they should never do, is they continue flushing when the water is above the normal level.

This will cause water to overflow from the toilet bowl, resulting in an extremely unpleasant mess.

To prevent an overflow, or if you're tank somehow continues to leak water into the bowl, people should shut off the water.

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If you don't have a valve, you must immediately remove the tank cover and lift the float to stop the water supply.

Now to unclog your toilet, a plunger is a must-have in that scenario.

But if a plunger is unavailable, people can use dish soap and boiling water to resolve the problem, a home repair expert revealed.

The first step is to pour a good amount of dish soap and let it sink to the bottom of the bowl.

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As you wait for the water to boil, the liquid in the bowl will typically drain on its own over time, but the soap will remain at the bottom.

The final step is to pour the boiling water into the toilet and watch the magic unfold as the mess washes away.

According to the expert, the process typically works on the first attempt, but if it doesn't, repeat it a second time or until the toilet unclogs.

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