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A HAIR expert had revealed three popular hair trends that could be damaging your hair. 

It turns out the priciest products are not always the best.

Abbey Yung took to TikTok to share three hair trends that she hates because they can be so damaging for your hair. 

She said: “People are gonna get mad at me for the last one.”

Abbey said she first has a problem with the Number three Olaplex Hair Perfector, the hair expert even claims the pricey £28 does not condition your hair. 

She said: “Using Olaplex Number three for the Olaplex bun doesn't make sense because that product doesn't condition your hair at all and it can only repair your hair if your hair is wet."

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Abbey said ‘clean girl’ buns could be a problem if you do them too often.”

The beauty fan said: “Clean girl buns. They're super pretty." 

“But wearing hairstyles like this too often, especially when they're pulled really tight, can absolutely lead to breakage and even hair loss.”

And lastly cover your ears if you're a fan of the Revlon One Step multi-styler, Abbey says the styler is hair damage city. 

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She said: “I know tools like the Revlon One Step makes styling super easy, but they are also one of the most, if not the most damaging styling tools.”

“Because they require you to apply heat on wet hair and then also twist and tug and pull on your hair.”


However the hair expert says if you're still tied to the £75 hair styler there is an alternative. 

She said: “If you can't live without them, try using them when your hair is at least 80% dry first, and make sure that you're not using them too often.”

Abbey’s video racked up over 1 million views online but not everyone was impressed with her advice. 

One user said: “Not everyone can afford the shark or the Dyson air wrap. if used infrequently the Revlon is fine!”

Another said: “So basically- don’t ever use heat.”

“My hair was the healthiest when I was using the recliner brush a lot… just me though,”claimed a third. 

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A fourth user confessed: “The Revlon brush ruined my hair years ago and it will never be the same.”

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