I'm a gypsy girl – here's how it really feels growing up in traveller community | The Sun

A WOMAN who describes herself as a gypsy has shared what it's like growing up in a traveller community.

Amy Taylor says most people assume she lives in a caravan and almost nobody trusts her.

The TikTok user, who goes by amyjordonsbackup on the app, posted a video with the caption: "The truth."

In it, she writes that being part of the gypsy community means being asked to leave bars and watched closely by security staff in shops.

She also claims people ask to check her bags before leaving some stores and strangers assume she lives in a caravan.

Finally, Amy says people often think that gypsies are "no good" and that they are "all the same".


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The McDonald's worker, who says her mum is half gypsy and her dad is full so she is "lucky to have both sides", added: "[It's] always been the case for me."

The comments were full of people sharing other common misconceptions.

One person said people think gypsies marry their cousins, while another said it's that they can't go into certain shops.

Amy previously posted another video about the "sad truth" of being a gypsy.

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During the short clip, she hints that she has been discriminated against and suffered with her mental health.

Amy added in the comments: "I wish I was a gorjer (non gypsy) in one sense because I've always been judged.

"It's not nice."

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