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NOW the weather is finally warming up you might be excited to spend some more time in your garden.

But before you dust off your mower to give your garden it's first cut of the season there's one rule you need to know – and it could be the difference between a lush lawn and one covered in weeds.

The problem with the first cut of the year is that there's a lot riding on it as any mistakes can cause major problems later in the year.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Paul Hicks, product and marketing manager at STIHL GB, revealed how to ensure the first trim is a success.

According to the pro it's important to stick to the "one-third rule" to stop weeds from spreading and brown patches from forming.

This means you only need to give the grass a small trim to start with, making sure not to cut more than one-third off it's length.


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Cutting your lawn too short will not only instantly leave it looking sparse but can reduce root growth, so it might not grow back evenly either.

The pro explained: "Be sure to time your first cut carefully – don’t mow if the soil is very wet or if there is still frost on the ground.

“When cutting your lawn for the first time, it’s likely to look a bit unloved and overgrown, so be sure to clear the area of any leaves, sticks and other debris that may interfere with mowing or could damage the mower blade."

After trimming your grass a few times with the one-third rule gardeners can cut it down to a length they prefer.

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That said, you should still avoid a super short cut, especially during the summer months, when the sun’s intensity can dry out the turf quickly.

You can cut your lawn for the first time in March, although you should make sure it's dry first.

Mowing a wet lawn will not only cause damage to grass, but also to your blades and the mower itself.

It will weaken the blades and force the machine to work twice as hard.

Once the weather heats up more you can began mowing bi-weekly and then every 10 days.

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