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MILDEW on plants is not only unsightly, it can also be damaging to growth.

The white powdery residue is a fungus that appears on the leaves, stems and flowers of plants.

Mildew thrives in humid environments, and particularly on plants which are not getting enough sunlight.

TikTok user An Alien shared her interesting DIY method to ridding her houseplants of mildew.

In her video, she examines her plant for fungus and then heads straight to the fridge to retrieve her miracle cure: mayonnaise.

Taking a spoonful of mayonnaise, the TikToker smears the condiment on each of the affected leaves.

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She then carefully wipes each leaf clean to reveal the mildew has disappeared and the surface is shiny.

TikTok users were impressed with the easy gardening hack, calling it "awesome" and "a brilliant idea."

One viewer wrote: "Wow! I learn something new everyday."

Another user confirmed the method does in fact work, saying: "My mom does the same thing."

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A third viewer was concerned about the side effects of such an abnormal hack.

"It doesn't stink after?" she asked.

The original poster confirmed it did not stink or, as far as she is aware, attract bugs.

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