I'm a fashion whizz and there are some trends you should AVOID – claw clips are awful and white nails 'need to die' | The Sun

A FASHION fan revealed the trends you should avoid, even if they're all over your Instagram feed.

Her choices left people divided, but the style lover insisted the trends should be avoided at all costs.

Zoe, from Australia, explained on TikTok that she'd "rather die" than take part in some of the current trends.

One of the worst ones are claw clips, but specifically flower-shaped ones or clear plastic styles.

"Do I even need to explain myself? These claw clips? Ew. And the see through ones,' she said.

When it comes to clothes, any kind of oversized bright 'puff font' is a big no-no.


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Zoe showed pictures of the popular White Fox sweatshirts with the font she hates on them to drive home her point.

"You will never ever see me in one of these, three out of ten," she slammed.

When it comes to nail colours, Zoe said she isn't a fan of white or yellow shades at all, but even some nail art is out of the question for the fashion lover.

She said: "I know this one's not fashion but yellow and white nails need to die.

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"Don't even get me started on a statement nail – absolutely zero minus a hundred thousand out of ten."

As for jeans, Zoe said she can't stand when people roll up the bottom of their jeans, especially if it's just one roll.

Fellow fashion fans disagreed with a lot of Zoe's pet hates – but specifically her comments regarding nails.

"Statement nails will forever be the perfect thing to get," one person commented."

A second said: "White nails make my pale skin look tanned!"

Meanwhile, other fashionistas said they still love flower claw clips.

"You can pry my flower claw clip out of my cold, dead hands," one joked.

Another wrote: "I love my flower claw clip it's the only that that holds of the amount of hair I have, so don't hate me."

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