I’m a fashion pro – you can give yourself an instant ‘hourglass figure’ with a simple bikini trick | The Sun

A BEACH-READY content creator has shared her fashion-forward tip for getting an hourglass figure just by adjusting the straps on her bikini.

The TikTok user revealed how a simple style change can transform your body shape and prepare you for beachside or poolside holidays.

TikTok star Logan Rae Hill shared the secret with her 867,600 followers on the platform.

She captioned her video with: "Changing my body shape."

Baring all in a swimsuit or bikini can be an ordeal for some, but a swift transformation can be achieved thanks to Logan's bikini magic.

Wearing a cute, yellow two-piece, she said: "Swimsuits and clothing can definitely shape you.

"I'm just going to change my body shape by changing my bikini."

With her bikini bottom sitting on her hips, she hitches them up.

"Watch how much everything changes," she said, "when I just hike it up like this.

"Suddenly I have an hour-glass figure, my waist looks smaller, my hips look bigger."

Such a simple hack with incredible results.

But there is a deeper reason why she is sharing her bikini trick.

She said: "I’m making a point when people take photos on social media in bikinis, this is what they do to make their bodies have more of an hourglass figure.

"Don't believe everything you see on social media," she said.

Comments to her post were blown away by this simple tip.

"Yessss, absolutely stunning! thanks for this tip!" said one comment.

Compliments from another: "And you look beautiful very gorgeous lady."

Gratitude too: "Thanks for always being so transparent, you are gorgeous both ways."

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And more: "I’ve never seen anyone with my body shape omg I love this. Makes me feel so safe thank you."

Finally, thanks for the tip: "I have the same exact body type as you and it gives me so much confidence to watch you because we really do have gorgeous bodies!"

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