I’m a DIY expert and here’s my top painting hacks to make decorating your home way easier – you should never use tape

A DIY EXPERT has shared how to make redecorating your home that little bit easier with her top lazy painting hacks.

Karissa Barker, from the US, is currently doing up her own home and has shared the tips and tricks she's learned along the way.

Posting to her TikTok account, Karissa At Home, she shared her five 'lazy' painting hacks.

Karissa admits she absolutely hates using tape to paint neat lines on walls, instead she recommends using a paint guard for crisp, clean edges.

She said: "I hate taping and it never sticks anyway so that's my solution."

Another clever hack she has is lining your paint tray with foil and wrap the brush with it once finished painting for the day.


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Karissa explains this will keep it wet – great for if you want to continue painting the next day and it will make cleaning up much quicker.

The DIY enthusiast also pointed out that the brand Behr make paint cans which has a pour spout so you can pour the paint with no mess.

Painting is a messy job, so if you find paint on your floor that is still wet, Karissa recommends wiping it off with a baby wipe.

She adds that if the paint has already started to dry, then come back to it and scrap it off later rather than smearing it all over the floor.

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Again, Karissa expresses her dismay for taping, "It never sticks to anything, it always leaks, so here are my solutions."

"For touch ups, use these paint pens."

She fills the pen, which has a small brush on the end, with paint and goes over any touch ups that need doing.

Karissa added that using them means you have less to pack away once your done so makes the whole process much quicker.

The video has gone viral with over 200k views and people were seriously impressed by her lazy tricks to decorating.

One wrote: "I thought I would learn like one thing but these were all good tips."

"I’ve been anticipating painting my bathroom and this came at just the right time. Thank you!!!!" Wrote another viewer.

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A third commented: "My jaw was dropped this whole video because I can’t believe I never thought of ANY of these!"

"These aren't lazy, these are smart. work smarter, not harder." Added a fourth viewer.

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