I'm a dermatologist – you're washing your face wrong, 4 common mistakes that are making your skincare less effective | The Sun

A DERMATOLOGIST has shared four common mistakes that people make when washing their faces.

She explained that it makes their skincare less effective overall.

Shereene (@shereeneidriss), a self-proclaimed "skin nerd," shared the advice with over 270,000 TikTok followers.

"If you're not washing your face properly, your skincare products aren't getting the chance to do what they need to do for your skin," she said.

"You're basically p**sing your money away," she added.

The board-certified dermatologist explained that the first step of a good skincare routine is cleansing.

To start, a good cleanser is key and she recommended the Vanicream gentle facial cleanser, which she said she's been suggesting to patients for years.

"The first mistake you're making is you're not double cleansing," she said.

Double cleansing is a method in which an oil cleanser is applied first to break down makeup and sunscreen, then a water-based cleanser is applied next to cleanse the skin.

The second mistake she sees often is people not cleansing for enough time.

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"You're not letting it sit on your face, to really get the most bang for your buck, you need to massage the cleanser onto your face and let sit for at least a minute," she said.

The third mistake is simply choosing the wrong cleanser: "The type of cleanser you want is a basic cleanser, something that is going to help wash your face," she explained.

Last but not least, she explained that the frequency of cleansing is something she sees a lot of people get wrong: "Over cleansing can actually over strip your skin of its oils," she said.

"Your skin is going to get oily and more inflamed, washing with a cleanser once a day is the best thing that I've ever done for my skin."

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

"Vanicream changed my routine so much," said one commenter.

Others tried to shush her for revealing their skincare secret: "Hushhhhh woman! If this sells out, I’m going to be mad at you!! I love my Vani!!! Shhhhhhh," joked another.

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