I’m a country girl – I tried the viral Kim Kardashian Skims dress, men say I’m breaking hearts | The Sun

A COUNTRY girl has stunned viewers with how amazing she looks decked out in a popular Skims dress.

She shared the look with her audience, with men calling her a heartbreaker.

TikTok creator Cayla Bri is a certified country girl who wholeheartedly lives it as shown by her videos.

Much of her social content pertains to lifestyle-related topics, like dating, relationships, and fashion but from her familiar standpoint.

In a video, she tries on the viral Skims dress that has been making waves on TikTok for its fit.

She switches out of her casual attire to show off her lean and toned body in the Kardashian-owned brand's classic item.


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At the start of the video, Bri is seen recording herself through the full-length mirror as she holds a long pink garment in her hand.

She is wearing a pink, black, and gray flannel dress that she pairs with a tan cowboy hat and tan cowboy boots.

The subtitle above her head reads: "5 foot 3 108lb girl trying on the viral Skims dress."

For half the duration of the video, the content creator sways her hips side to side and holds up the pink dress from Kim Kardashian's fashion line as she smiles and smirks at the mirror.

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The visual then transitions to showcase Bri now standing in front of the mirror in a different ensemble.

She is no longer wearing the flannel style but rather now the Skims Soft Lounge Long Sleeve Dress, $88, in hot pink.

The brunette still keeps her cowboy hat and boots on as a way to stay true to her roots.

Her good looks and curves captivated viewers online and many made their thoughts known in the comments.

"Haven't seen that since my days playing music in Nashville," a user commented.

"It’s pretty obvious that God has blessed us in this world with this beautiful angel you are absolutely gorgeous," another added.

"Looks good. Petite girls are always cute and beautiful," a TikTok user shared.

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