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A MUM-OF-TWO has revealed her controversial parenting techniques and it’s sparked a big conversation amongst other parents. 

Rachel, who goes by the name of Rach On Life on TikTok, said how she’ll swear in front of her two year old boy and doesn’t care. 

In a video, which she shared with her 90.4k followers, she wrote: “Controversial parenting at its finest! *no judgement to anyone who parents differently!* We’re all out here building the plane as we fly it!”

And filming herself talking to the camera, she said: “These are some controversial things I do as a parent.

“If I have noticed that my toddler has pooped and it's around the time my husband gets home, I will check my husband's location if he is within three minutes of being home.

“I'm not. That's it. I will wait for my husband to get home.


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“I change poopy diapers all day long. I don't.

“What my kid eats is up to him.

“You know toddlers, they need about 1000 calories a day.

“That's like a little bit of milk, maybe a cheese stick or two, some fruit snacks, Vienna sausages.

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“Because let's be real, these toddlers are just throwing shit on the floor anyway. Who cares?

“Calories are calories at this point”

She then goes on to say about her language which she uses in front of her kids.

Rachel says: “I don't watch my language in front of my child.

“It's a big, bad world out there. He's gonna hear the word fuck.”

Rachel also shared her thoughts on having a babysitter.

She says: “Sorry, this is probably not controversial, but, like, I'm not paying a babysitter to watch my kid.

“Um, I have my parents and I have my in-laws, and if they are unavailable or if they don't want to watch my child, that's fine.

“I'm not forcing them to, but I'm just gonna not go because I'm not.

“I'm not paying someone to watch my child. Especially when he doesn't have a voice that can fully communicate what's going on yet. It might feel different about this when he's older.

“I'm a stay at home mum and I send my child to Mother's Day Out two days a week because I need a freaking break.

“And also it's good for him developmentally.

“You don't want your kid going to kindergarten and them having no idea how to sit at a desk or walk in line or hold a pencil.

“And I'm not an educator, so the likelihood of me teaching my child the correct ways to do things is not it.

“I don't buy thrift store clothes or second hand clothes for myself or my child.

“Um, I. I just don't. It's just not for me.

“I'll do hand me downs all day long if I know who they're coming from, but if I don't know who's worn these clothes before, I just personally don't feel comfortable putting my child in them.

“No hate to anybody who loves to thrift shop or puts their child in them for one reason or another. You do you.

“Some days my TV is on Miss Rachel for 10 hours, and some days my TV does not go on at all.

“My child plays independently phenomenally because of this.

“And this one's probably not controversial, but any money that I make from content posting my child online, and I'm pretty particular about what I post of my child, immediately 50 per cent of that goes into a bank account for him and my husband.

“I do not touch it because we feel icky profiting off of our child.

“And lastly, my husband and I do not plan to punish our children in any way, shape or form.

“If consequences happen, they're likely going to be natural.

“They might be inflicted or afflicted by us.

“But it's not a punishment. It's a consequence.”

The video attracted over 120k likes, with over thousands rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “I feel like these shouldn’t be controversial!! Do what’s best for your family mama.”

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Another added: “So glad I’m not the only one that checks the location on poopy diapers.”

A third said: “Thank you for this. I feel like social media can make it so hard to feel like you’re being a good mom.”

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