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IF you hate cleaning and can’t think of anything worse than getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing surfaces – don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Cleaning is often at the bottom of many of our to-do-lists, but it’s something that’s got to be done and doesn’t always need to be a massive task.

Thanks to a cleaning whizz, known on TikTok as Purdy and Figg, it turns out that we’ve been dusting all wrong.

Purdy and Figg regularly share simple but effective cleaning hacks to the video sharing platform, where they have amassed a whopping 222.2k followers and 2 million likes.

A recent hack has left many very impressed, as the cleaning fan revealed an easy trick that makes dusting much quicker. 

The cleaning expert posted the clip with the caption ‘The cleaning tip you wish you learnt’.

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In the video, we see the cleaning fan demonstrate a common cleaning mistake that many of us make. 

The cleaning whizz used a wet cloth in an attempt to remove dust from the top of a toilet, but instead of getting rid of the dirt and dust mites, this method simply moves the dust around.

The social media user noted: “POV: You don’t Dry Dust before you clean so you’re just pushing dust around.” 

The cleaning fan then advised: “Switch to a dry microfiber cloth.

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“Dry Dust before you use ANY product!”

We then see the cloth covered in dust, as it has successfully removed it from the surface.

Following this, the cleaner said: “Clean smarter not harder” as she showed off a sparkling bathroom surface with no dust in sight. 

The woman later confirmed: “I find the dust sticks more when it’s wet so it’s easier to dry wipe first.”

The video was posted just 15 hours ago, but it has clearly left many impressed, as it has already racked up a whopping 114k views.

It has 2,415 likes, 21 comments and 17 shares.

Cleaning fans were shocked that they had never tried this before and many were eager to know more about the hack. 

One person said: “Oh, so that's what I'm doing wrong.” 

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Another added: “So… Do I trash the towel after??” to which the cleaning whizz confirmed “It’s washable! :)” 

Meanwhile, a third commented: “vacuum it first” to which the social media user replied “This also works great!”

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