I’m a cleaning expert – three laundry items you should always separate into their own loads

WHEN you’re doing your laundry, it’s important to be aware of washing and drying requirements for each garment.

There’s no worse feeling than pulling a sweater out of the dryer to discover it has been stripped of its softness or shrunken to doll-size.

If you follow a few simple guidelines, however, it isn’t all that difficult to keep your garments in good condition.


Gwen Whiting, the co-founder of the laundry and home cleaning company The Laundress, told MarthaStewart.com that you should sort dirty clothes into three categories from the start.

The first category is everyday items: cotton and durable synthetics.


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The second category is colors, which call for cool or warm water.

And the third category is whites, which should be washed in hot water.

According to the expert, linens, towels, and bedding should also be washed and dried separately from the other garments to avoid tangling.

She added that delicates should be hand-washed.

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By separating garments before you throw them in the hamper, you decrease the chance of making mistakes when it’s time to do laundry.


Jennifer Ahoni, a Senior Scientist of Fabric Care at Procter & Gamble, told MarthaStewart.com to follow this rule no matter what:

"It's typically best to wash at least your denim separately, especially away from delicate fabrics."

Jeans’ zipper can rub up against other fabrics, like wool, and damage those garments.

"And if an item sheds lint, wash it separately from microfiber, corduroy, or other fabrics that attract it," she added.

Her third piece of advice was to wash heavily soiled items on their own as well:

"Do this for two key reasons: Dirt and soils transfer, so it's best to store these heavily soiled items in a separate hamper to prevent visible and invisible dirt from transferring to less soiled fabrics.

"Plus, very dirty and stained laundry should be washed in a longer heavy-duty cycle to allow the extra time and agitation to remove deeply-embedded soil."


Lindsey Boyd, the other founder of The Laundress, said to keep these rules in mind when it’s time to dry your clothes as well.

"Similar to washing, you want to keep fabrics together that require the same drying cycle," she said.

"Towels, cotton, and linen can handle a normal heat setting (we still suggest drying these alone to avoid tangling), while some fabrics require low heat or low tumble, like down bedding.

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"Anything made of denim, wool or cashmere, silk, or delicate synthetics should be air dried!"

She also recommended air-drying your workout clothes and pajama sets.

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