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CLEANING toilets is definitely one of the least glamorous household chores but it’s a job that’s got to be done.

Many of us will pour some bleach down our toilet and hope for the best but according to experts, we should steer clear from this popular household product.

Thankfully, Chris Wootton, Managing Director of the domestic cleaning business, Poppies, has revealed his simple tip for getting your toilet sparkling in minutes.

And don’t worry, you won't have to spend your whole Saturday morning with your hands in the toilet bowl scrubbing away at stains.

Thanks to Chris, there’s a ‘golden rule’ that will work in minutes. 

Chris Wootton said: “The golden rule for cleaning toilet bowl stains is to use non-alkaline products.

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“Most toilet bowl stains appear in hard water areas, so it’s important to remember that bleach won’t work, and you will need to use an acid-based product such as limescale remover.

“While bleach doesn’t get rid of limescale, it does make it invisible which blends in with the colour of the toilet bowl. 

“That’s why toilet bowl stains appear to come back quickly, as they never actually went away.”

To ensure the limescale is gone for good, Chris recommends you make your own powerful but natural cleaning solution using white vinegar.

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He advised: "Making a vigorous acidic solution is best done by using white vinegar.

“Pour a half cup of bicarbonate of soda into and around the bowl and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

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"Then, apply white vinegar over the baking soda. 

“This produces a fizzing reaction that activates the acid and can break down the most stubborn build-ups of limescale.

“After about 10 minutes, scrub the toilet bowl thoroughly with a scouring pad.

“Once you have done this, flush a few times to rinse it all away. 

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“This should have done the trick, but if there are any lingering marks, you can also try lemon juice after you flush, as the acidic solution can help lift the most stubborn stains as well as deodorise the toilet bowl.”

Thanks to Chris and his simple, yet effective hack, your toilet will be sparkling in no time.

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If you want to give this hack a go, you can pick up white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda from any supermarket and many high-street stores.

Waitrose sell bicarbonate of soda for just £1.20 and you can pick up a bottle of white vinegar spray from The Range sell a white vinegar spray for only 89p.

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